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To Seal Or Not To Seal Your Tiles

Author: Pressure Steam
by Pressure Steam
Posted: Apr 17, 2017

One of the most common questions that majority of homeowners in Sydney ask cleaning experts is - Do I need to seal my tile floors?

Tile floors look stunning yet can prove to a bit difficult to maintain. Many individuals choose to seal tile floors, but many people think it was only the grout that should be sealed?

It's crucial to understand that there are two sections of a tile floor – the tile and the grout. Out of these, grout should be sealed. It's normally porous in nature and gets stained easily. Most construction workers usually of tile floors don't seal grout since it needs to be cured first. This is usually a step that is taken to ensure that your grout looks great. As a reward, sealed grout is considerably a lot easier to clean and maintain.

The process of sealing is performed to fortify tile or grout against dust, grime, dirt, spills, and erosion, but this doesn’t mean that all tiles should be sealed.

There’s no need to do any sealing, if the tile is made of ceramic or porcelain. However, there are a few exceptions to this, so consult professional tile cleaners for the right advice. If the tile is made up of stone (like granite, marble, slate, travertine, and so on.) then it should be sealed. This is because stone is actually porous and usually absorb spills and stain quite effectively.

If you have no prior knowledge about your tiles, the by simply spreading a few drops of water on them, you can sometimes tell if the tile or grout have been sealed or not. The tiles are probably not sealed, if they darken or change colour. If tiles remain in same condition, then there’s a high possibility that they may have already been sealed. It's generally a smart thing to follow expert guidelines and go for tile sealing on schedule.

Hire a tile sealing Sydney based company that can help you throughout the process of tile installation in your house.

To Seal Or Not To Seal Your Tiles

The question about sealing your tiles start with type of tiles you have in your kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else in your home. A few tile manufacturers offer pre-seal products that can be used and installed directly on the floor. Remember that ceramic and porcelain tiles will by and large not require sealing. However, a special case is polished porcelain tiles, which generally require sealing before the process of grouting because the polishing procedure might cause tiny pores on it. If polished porcelain is not pre-sealed then sealing needs to be performed, particularly when dark coloured grout is to being installed.

Natural stone is the material that frequently needs to be sealed since it's highly porous and may get stain or recolor. All stone in or out of a house require sealing before grouting process is started. To guarantee that your stone remains in an excellent condition, you can get services of a tile cleaning Sydney based firm that offers high quality maintenance work.

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