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How to improve your Business through Instagram

Author: Benerg Digimark
by Benerg Digimark
Posted: Apr 17, 2017

All major fashion brands are targeting millions of their users through social media. Businesses are depending on creating great content because the social media channels are growing marketing friendly. The platforms like Snapchat and Pinterest have launched ad groups as well.

A well-organized social media campaign is bound to generate results. However, if you are looking for great social media strategies then you need a great creative team, data research, lots of coffee and patience to hold long discussions.

Any brand that wants to explore the social media options will have to analyze the available data. The data will help them understand which demography is more likely to buy their products and which social media platform to choose.

The fashion enthusiasts and the beauticians have fallen almost instantly in love with the Instagram. You can simply say that it is love at first impression. Also, it appears like it is not just a fling. The application has 200 million users sharing 60 million pictures every day.

With its growing popularity among the increasing number of users, let us understand how you can leverage the social media platform to reach out to your target audience.

We should know How We Should Get started with Social media.

Retain followers with organic posting

Use your content expertise to communicate with your existing followers. Create the posts that compel your followers to share and engage with your posts. Do not embed your Instagram account with other social media platforms. A fresh content to each platform is a new way to reach out your qualified buyers.

Invest your time in the research and create a strategy for the organic posting. Establish the brand identity and develop content exclusively for the Instagram. Instagram is all about the impressions. Focus on creating great content which appeals to the first time visitor. Do not give them a reason to ignore your account and convert the first time visitors to regular visitors.

Partner with the other accounts that are related to your business. There are several influencers and social media celebrities. You can leverage into their follower base and reach out to the audience for branding. Research and filter the accounts that also target your potential customers. Partner with them and together create a content strategy which will address the questions your target audiences are asking.

When in Rome

Every city has a unique identity and cultural history. You can use this complex diversity to your advantage. Create a local account and tailor your content for the local relevance.

All social media channels allow you to create multiple local accounts for the same brand. However, ensure that you carry the same brand identity.

Keep your content consistent and reach out to the local audience through the most trending fashion topics in a particular area.

Invest, but wisely

Retaining the followers and engaging with them is the objective of the organic posting. However, if you want new followers you will have to go for the paid campaigns.

The paid ads will help you engage with the audience. You can share the information; discuss the latest stock, designs, offers etc. Also, you can share the updates on the latest product launch with the new users through the paid campaigns.

The paid campaigns allow you to narrow down the recipients and target the people who fit into your business buyer persona. The photo and video sharing applications offer you the user insights which will help you understand how your ad campaigns are performing.

Calculate before taking risks

Branding is not always getting personal and bold. It is okay to be simple and clear. Some risks work in the brand's favor and some don’t. Before creating the ads, understand the available data. Realize what your ideal customer is looking for on the internet.

Use compelling content and appealing visuals to attract your ideal customers. Experiment a bit to attract the user’s attention. You can consider adding video content to your strategy.

Measure your campaigns

Merely doing the campaigns is not good enough. Measure your campaigns and understand how you can optimize your ads for maximum efficiency. Compile a list of questions that you want to ask your customers and followers. Talk to your clients and gather the data.

Do a thorough market research on your followers, existing clients, potential leads. Understand the market potential and measure your position. Perform a thorough competitor analysis and assess your position among the competitors.

Before starting a new campaign, understand the limitations of your previous campaigns. Establish your objectives with the help of the data analysis and design a fresh campaign to improve your overall efficiency.

Identify what is working for your competitors

Do the Social media Competitor Analysis and Identify what is working for your competitors. If you are getting started with paid SMM campaigns, it is likely that most of your competitors are already quite active on multiple platforms.

Observe what kind of content your competitors are sharing. Analyze what content they are using for paid and the organic engagement.

More importantly, observe how their subscribers are receiving it. There are several tools that can reveal this information. Invest in those tools to understand your competitor’s paid and organic content strategy.

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