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How To Prevent Coronary Artery Disease?

Author: Divyapatanjali Store
by Divyapatanjali Store
Posted: Apr 17, 2017
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Whether you are young or old, the risk of occurrence of heart issues is always there. The major offenders for most of the heart diseases are wrong diet and improper lifestyle. It is because both these factors have a direct link with the heart health. Those who take healthy diet and follow healthy lifestyle may keep their heart in good working condition and good health for long time. But it is never too late to start taking care of your heart and be aware. Here are some of the most important tips that may be followed to prevent occurrence of coronary artery diseases.

Opt for healthy diet and healthy eating habits

Health of your heart largely depends upon the type of foods you eat. Also it depends on your eating habits. It means you must opt for healthy diet and eating habits. Always consume low-fat and low-cholesterol diet. It is because excess of fats present in the foods consumed by us are not absorbed by the body. Rather these keep on accumulating in the arteries of the heart. Hence you must reduce fat and cholesterol content from the diet. Stay away from processed, canned, junk and fried foods. All these are enemies of your heart.

Opt for healthy and active lifestyle

If you are lazy then your heart will also become lazy. It implies you need to be physically active if you wish to keep your heart working normally without suffering from any problems. Hence you must carry out physical exercises essentially in routine life so that you may get rid of excess of fats and cholesterol from your body. This in turn saves heart against any health hazards. Those who are physically active are less likely to suffer from any heart issues. Simple running and jogging is perhaps enough to suffice your purpose.

Reduce salt intake

Like cholesterol and fats, salt is also enemy for your heart. Excess of salt content present in your diet may cause great harm to your heart. It is because blood pressure is increased considerably due to high salt content. This in turn poses a threat for heart health.

Give up smoking

Again smoking is one among the major culprits for occurrence of numbers of heart diseases. It is due to constriction of the blood vessels as a result of smoking. This in turn results in increased blood pressure. As a result, chances of heart attack and such other problems are also increased considerably.

Reduce your weight

If you are overweight then the chances of occurrence of heart problems are increased significantly. It is because obese people have high content of lipids and cholesterol in their bodies. Again it is not at all favourable for your heart. Therefore you must make efforts to reduce excess of body weight.

This was all about prevention of heart issues. Self-help and self-care is perhaps the best way to deal with any types of heart problems. Ramdev ayurvedic medicine Coronary Artery Disease may be used by those who are already affected with any heart diseases.

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