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Irate With Pain, Use Ultima TENS Unit Pads

Author: Hannah Willimas
by Hannah Willimas
Posted: Apr 18, 2017

Whether you are a busy professional or a sports person with a hectic schedule, pain in back or anywhere in the body can be very irritating. It not only diverts the mind from work but also eats into precious time.

You may be looking for a remedy which not just relieves you from pain but also is easy to use. Well, there are many therapies out there with their pros and cons, but the one we are going to discuss in detail here is the one that gives quick relief and is easy to use.

Therapy Which Uses Electrical Impulses

If you try finding out ways to get relief from that excruciating pain, they are aplenty. A few of them involves intake of medicines, use of ointments, and doing exercises. TENS is based on electrical impulses and on the idea that, if pain signals traveling to the brain can be interrupted in the mid-way, pain relief follows.

Clinical Applications

The medical fraternity is divided on the usage of TENS and its effectiveness. Although required consensus is there, in certain circumstances, it is not recommended. It is a fact that TENS provides initial pain relief up to 70-80% in patients, but this success rate reduces as the time progresses, Ultima 3T tens unit pads is frequently used in clinical setups.

Type of Pains in which TENS is useful

It is helpful is the following kind of pain:

Postoperative Pain

That sort of pain usually occurs after an operating procedure. TENS can be useful for mitigating such pain in a minimally invasive way.

Labor Pain

There are many devices available for use in labor pain. It may obviate the need for analgesic interventions which have some complications for the mother and new-born.

Chronic Pain

In 13 out of 22 studies of chronic pain treatment, TENS is found to be very effective. Besides, there are many other types of pains in which you can use the machines.

Mechanism of TENS Working

When the electrode pads are used on the affected area, they block the pain senses carrying signals. This ensures that brain isn’t informed about it and the pain is not felt. Besides, its usage also increases the production of endorphin that are body’s natural pain-killer and the main reason behind the TENS effectiveness.

Some features Of TENS machines

The TENS machines usually come through various channels, and the pulse rate decides about the electrical signals it is capable of producing.

Single vs. Dual Channel

The single channel TENS machines consist of two electrodes while the dual channel TENS machines come with four electrodes. The dual channel devices are used for treating larger areas, and they may treat two areas simultaneously as well.

If you have pain in a smaller area, it is better to go for single channel TENS unit. For example, a back pain may require a dual channel machine while an elbow pain can be treated with single channel device.

Pulse Rate

The lower frequencies help in endorphin and higher rates stimulate the pain gate mechanism. When buying a TENS unit, test it at various frequencies. If the results are good, the device is useful else try another one. You can also TENS Unit Replacement pads for your TENS device.

Burst Mode

See if the instrument supports the burst mode. It is helpful in the situation when the body becomes used to TENS. In this way, the frequency changes periodically and reduces this adaptation effect.

Buying a TENS machine

Buying a TENS machine is rather easy, you can get one from the chemist, or you can buy it from the internet as well. They aren’t very expensive either and available in wired as well as wireless modes. So, go ahead and get one for yourself to get rid of that pain making you restless.

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Hanna Williams is an experienced writer and blogger, covering a wide range of topics such as fitness, health issues and medical equipments, etc.

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