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Get the best Macaw bird cages expert guide and decorative ideas!

Author: Gemma Watson
by Gemma Watson
Posted: Apr 18, 2017

Built a better space for your winged rainbow to live happily!

Planning to get an exotic bird-like Macaw? If yes, then you must know all the details about the bird and how to keep it healthy! But, how much are you sure about the cage and which cage will be best for your exotic aves? Here is a Macaw bird cages expert guide to help you avoid every possible mistake!

After doing a lot of research; now that you have finally found the bird who exactly matches your personality. If you are getting a parakeet as a pet, then make sure you get expert guide for your parakeet care. If it’s a macaw, you need a similar guide. After this, the only thing that is left is to make a cozy home for them. To do so, here are certain things that you need to keep in mind.

5 Macaw bird cages expert guide tips

1. Choose the material appropriately

Do not compromise on the cage material. It is always better to opt for stainless steel as it can easily regulate the temperature and also sustain those strong beak bites of your Macaw.

2. It should not have any spikey or pointy design inwards

Yes, make sure what looks good is also safe for your new exotic bird! Pointy or spiky designs can easily nick their body and make them suffer.

Moreover, the simpler the design, easier for you to clean the cage!

3. There should be two bars hanging at least

They need to sit, and they should have more than one option for that. But this does not mean you will overstuff the cage with bars. It will leave no space for them.

4. The cage should have container holders

The best part of container holder is that it reduces the chance for your bird to topple it. Along with this, the other perk is, they can eat and drink with more ease.

Also, it will keep the cage cleaner.

5. Don’t use paint too much

Paints have chemical, and there is a strong smell of that. To top it all, your bird will certainly bite the bars and care; this can be very harmful to their health. The other alternative is eco-friendly paint or some easy decorative to ornament your Macaw’s cage. In case you have exotic birds like parakeet, then get expert guide for your parakeet care to understand and learn more about their safety.

Now, talking of cages, you can also decorate your loving bird’s cage with really easy things. Such DIY will literally cost you nothing. So, get some ideas here and add to your creativity to make a stunning looking cage!

3 ideas for cheap decorative bird cages which you will like most

Before moving on with the ideas, there is something you must keep in mind – The Decoration should be outside the cage, else it can take up a lot of space and make it too small for your winged rainbow!

1. Use floral hangings below the cage

It looks simply stunning. You can use either artificial flowers or blossoms from your garden. If you are using original flowers, then pair them with creepers to add a better touch.

2. Fairy lights

Fairy lights are anyway beautiful and also a great idea for cheap decorative bird cages which you will like most. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that your bird is not fidgeting with the wires!

3. Charm hangings

A Macaw and a dream catcher on the cage, this is almost a pair made in decorative heaven. Moreover, you can make your dream catcher easily at home with colorful threads, beads, and feathers!

With all these Macaw bird cages expert guide and easy DIY decoration, you can make a beautiful cage for your lovely bird. Get the best cage from a renowned seller; buy it online to avail exclusive designs. Build a space of beauty for your bird now!

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