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Wrongful Death and You : Consulting a Los Angeles Wrongful Death Lawyer

Author: Marcus McGowan
by Marcus McGowan
Posted: Apr 18, 2017

If someone close to you has died, especially if their death is untimely or the result of an accident, the grief can be overwhelming. Nothing can compare to the pain of losing someone close to you. However, many people in Los Angeles must suffer insult in addition to injury as they face harsh financial realities as a consequence of the emotional damage or lost income that results from the loved one’s tragic demise. People in this position should hire a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer.

The world can be an unjust place: people drink and drive, leading to a tremendous number of fatal vehicle collisions. Big corporations get away with insufficient safety standards for their products while their customers suffer. Public spaces are poorly maintained, leading to hazardous conditions for innocent pedestrians. When any of these circumstances leads to a Los Angeles wrongful death, lawyers can help to bring some modicum of justice to the friends and family of the victim.

What is Wrongful Death?

In short, wrongful death is any situation where a person has died as a result of the wrongful actions of another. A simple example of wrongful death is a car collision. If one of the drivers was at fault—such as because they were drunk or distracted—then the family of the victim may be able to sue the driver for wrongful death. To determine whether they have a case, they would hire a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer.

However, the fault in cases where it is necessary to hire a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer is not always with a person. Corporations, or even the government, can be responsible for wrongful death, for instance if they have neglected certain responsibilities they have towards safety standards.

Ultimately, only a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer will have the expertise necessary to determine whether you have a case. If you suspect—even the slightest bit—that your loved one’s death was wrongful, then you should consult a lawyer. Keep in mind that most lawyers are paid from your winnings, so a consultation will usually be free. You have nothing to lose.

Why Should You Sue?

In cases of wrongful death, the family of the victim may feel too overcome to face a lengthy court case. They may not wish to bother suing, and they may not understand what it is that they would be suing for. A Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer can help to clarify exactly what is at stake in your suit.

For example, if you were financially dependant on your loved one, then you can sue for the lost income that your loved one can no longer earn. Another major factor in wrongful death lawsuits is emotional damages, which represent the suffering of the family over losing their loved one. If you’re curious about how a court could possibly assign a dollar value to human suffering, consult a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer for more information.

Ultimately, though, you should consult a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer because we all must hold people accountable for their actions. If there were no consequences for recklessly causing the deaths of innocent people, then no one would be safe. Seek justice for yourself, and protection for us all.

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Author: Marcus McGowan

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