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Hawaii Beach Homes: Choosing a Luxury Beach House with Personality

Author: Leo Aranas
by Leo Aranas
Posted: Apr 19, 2017

A house by the sea is the dream for many. It is the sweet life: To wake up to – and be lulled to sleep by – the sound of the waves, to have the breathtaking view of the sunset mark the end of each day, to breathe in the salty, fresh air while feeling the fine white sand on your feet.This is exactly why in Hawaii, beach homes are always popular in the buyers’ market.

But nobody wants a cookie-cutter home. In the end, everybody hopes that his house looks nice but not just like a hotel. Instead, the goal is a unique housethat stands out from the rest, especially by conveying its owner’s personality. Here are some features that give a beach house a personality.

A standout ceiling design. There are so many ways tospruce up a ceiling. Perhaps there are wood trims that also came with intricate carvings. Or it was high and vaulted, highlighting the strategically placed lighting fixture. A stencil design of medallion, mandala, or rococo sweeps and flourishes painted in gold leaf easily bring a grand feel to a room, as do drop, barrel, or coffered ceilings, their panels bringing illumination – but not overpowering brightness – to the space.

Unique furniture. A piece of well-made statementfurniture, can instantly bring a touch of sophistication to a room, while serving some functions – storage, seating, or delineating spaces – as well. Uniqueness may come in the form of an unexpected loud color, a sculptural form, an interesting texture, or multiple purposes. And if it comes with a bit of history, say, woodwork from the 1800s, or the exceptional craftsmanship tradition from Southeast Asia, all the better!

Creative use of colors and patterns.The mix of colors and patterns can bring an exciting twist to an otherwise plain space. The strategic use of a palette, wallpapers, patchwork tiles, tabletop designs, and curtains, draperies, and runners can bring a playful, quirky vibe which would beparticularly welcome in a house by the sea.

Faithfulness to an aesthetic. Sometimes a house can be very memorable just because everything – from the basic layout of the house down to every home accessory– is faithful to an aesthetic, whether it is Americana, luxe, minimalist, cosmopolitan, Oriental, or European.

Talk to premier Big Island real estate broker Harold Clarke today for help in choosingamong Hawaii beach homes. With his assistance, you will find one that’s filled with personality, and perfect for your needs.

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Author: Leo Aranas

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