7 Top Tips to Help You Create Popular Content and Drive Up Engagement For Your Website Or Blog

Author: Doris Collier
by Doris Collier
Posted: Apr 24, 2017

With more than one billion websites live on the internet right now, how do you make your site or blog stand out from the fray. Experts agree that the number one way to do so is by sharing exemplary content. Many writers struggle to do just that but end up with zero engagement on their posts. So, what could be the problem?

Statistics show that despite more than 94 percent of websites employing a defined content marketing strategy, many are failing. Content must be both relevant and valuable to attract a defined target audience. If readers find such content on your site, they are more likely to share it with a wider audience.

The main problem is that you are producing content that fails to hold the attention of your audience. A 1997 study showed that 79 percent of internet users scan content rather than read it.

Whether it is because of wordy posts, lack of shareable images or headlines that are just not interesting, readers may simply be unable to connect with your posts. Missing the mark in such a way will not help you convert visitors to regular buyers or subscribers.

Understanding your audience

Creating posts your target audience wants to read begins with understanding them and their needs. It is important to understand that fear is a powerful motivator for most people: thus, they want to find information that can help them solve their challenges and problems. You can use this psychology to tailor content that is both engaging and shareable.

To know the problems your target audience has, you can check various sources. One of them is the comments on your website or blog. Mining reader comments on older posts can help you see what your readers need assistance with.

You can also check your site's social media channels or question-and-answer sites like Quora to get timely updates of trends and conversations within your niche. You can then craft relevant posts around the questions raised.

How to write great posts for your audience

1. List-type and How-to Posts

The most popular ways to write engaging and shareable content is by using list-type and how-to posts. These types of posts are so well-liked because they let the reader know immediately what they should expect, and how the post will be helpful.

2. Your posts should be informational

To maximize all the content on your site, it must all have some informational value for your audience. This may seem easy to do, but the statistics point to the contrary.

For example, many writers focus on inspirational posts. These may be enjoyable in their own right, but do not necessarily help your audience take the action you want. The best way to combine information and inspiration is by adding some tips for productivity or efficiency.

By including this aspect, your post evolves from an ineffective feel-good story and becomes something your audience can find helpful in some way. Content creators must strive to find this happy medium. Other ways to provide information-packed posts is by providing case studies and featuring interviews with experts.

3. Use compelling headings and subheadings

A strong, compelling headline is what will attract readers to your post in the first place. Interesting subheadings help to maintain the flow of the content, as well as keeps the reader engaged.

4. Add internal links

Adding links within your content is a great way to show that the post is well researched and credits experts in the field you are talking about. They add legitimacy and value to your content. Internal links help the reader expand their knowledge and keeps them coming back to read the best material.

5. Use numbers

As with internal links, statistics and numbers add an extra veneer of expert knowledge to your posts. They are a very effective way of capturing the reader's attention. However, moderation is key here: try not to bombard the reader with hundreds of statistics. Instead, support a few of your main points with compelling statistics that will keep your audience engaged throughout the article.

6. Make your posts shareable

The best way to grow engagement on your site is by making it easier for your audience to like and share your posts. There are many tools on the market today that can help you do this on each post. The best part is that most of them - like Buzzsumo and Click to Tweet - are free to use.

7. Use graphics and visuals

Studies show that the most popular posts use visual content innovatively to capture and hold the interest of their audience. These posts are also highly shareable across all social media platforms.

This is why so many brands and businesses today opt to buy Instagram likes. Visual content can in turn help to increase the traffic to and engagement with your blog or website.


It is possible for you to drive up engagement on your blog or website with a few easy tweaks to your content. These changes will help you ensure you meet the goals you want your site to achieve.

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