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Advanced Technology in Air Operated Pumps by A.T.E.

Author: Kv Gopalakrishnan
by Kv Gopalakrishnan
Posted: Apr 27, 2017

Water is one of the main resources in most processing and manufacturing industries. It is important for such industries to have an efficient and controlled water supply for relevant industrial process. With increasing demand, various pump manufacturers are introducing innovative and efficiency enhancing technologies in their water pumps to ensure better water supply.

Advantages of double diaphragm air operated pumps

An air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pump works through with the positive displacement technique. Although there are several main types of air operated pumps, the working fundamentals are the same behind each of these.

An AODD pump offers a good suction lift with varying pressure and flow rate capacities. according to the requirement. These are useful for managing sludge and/or slurry that contain a large amount of solid and grit effectively. These pumps are designed to offer an optimum discharge pressure of around 1,200 bar. This pump quite popular compared to other types of diaphragm pump, as it is air operated and provides over 97% efficiency.

A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited has been providing advanced air operated pumps to various industries for many decades now. The company is renowned for collaborating with other leading pump manufacturers to ensure highly efficient and satisfactory water and fluid supply.

Some popular air operated pumps provided by A.T.E. to various industries in India are:

Yamada NDP-5

The Yamada NDP-5 from Yamada Corporation, Japan is provided in India by A.T.E. This is a highly compact and lightweight water pump which is ideal for low volume supply requirements. This pump is designed to easily attach to existing industrial machinery and equipment.

The NDP-5 pump is available in 5 different materials for its body casing to suit various specific requirements. Apart from these characteristics, the pump also has other innovative features, such as self-priming and dead head operation. This pump provides a head range of maximum 70 m with a size range of ΒΌ". The pressure range can be increased up to maximum 7 bar which provides an efficient flow rate of 3.4 L/min.

Yamada DP-10

The Yamada DP-10 is a submersible range of air operated pumps from Yamada Corporation, Japan and provided by A.T.E. in India. These pumps are compact in size and lightweight to ensure flexibility in application.

The DP-10 offers higher performance with dead head operation, dry running, self-priming, etc. The toughened materials used for its construction ensure higher durability and longer life. The pump consists of easily replaceable components which ensure low maintenance cost. With a size range of 3/8", this pump efficiently offers an optimum pressure range of 7 bar with a 70 m head range. The pump offers efficient flow rate of 6 L/min.

Yamada NDP-15

The Yamada DP-15 is a small and lightweight air operated pump manufactured by Yamada Corporation, Japan and sold in India by A.T.E. This is a popular range of water supply pumps from the company which is effectively designed for operating under water.

The Yamada NDP-15 is useful for a large variety of industrial functions and applications in combination with many big and small machines. The pump offers an optimum pressure range of maximum 7 bar and provides a flow rate of 15 L/min with a maximum head capacity of 70 m.

These double diaphragm pumps with air operated technology are provided by A.T.E. to Indian industries to ensure better productivity and energy efficiency in industrial processing.

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