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How to Choose the Right Lifting Gear for a Safe and Efficient Job

Author: Asmita Lokhande
by Asmita Lokhande
Posted: Apr 26, 2017

In all lifting gears the most common and safe option is Chain Slings for Lifting; however, there are lots of other options that are popular in the industry. You should always select the one that matches with your workload limit.

There is a wide variety of lifting gears available in the market; each one has its own intended job and limit. Therefore, to assure safer work environment it is essential that you know which equipment works best in which environment and what the weight limit for each lifting gear is.

One of the most common lifting equipment used for overhead lifting of heavy objects is chain slings. If you wish to invest in chain slings for lifting, make sure the slings are fully tested and in total compliance with your industrial requirements. Everything must be checked before use to avoid crushing of objects and property damage.

What do you need to know about lifting gears?

One type of lifting equipment can be inappropriate in industries where it is not intended to use. Depending on the individual requirements, you may select lightweight, easy to handle, highly durable or one of the cheapest options available. You can select from polyester slings, round slings, and chain slings.

There are lots of sizes available in polyester slings, but they are not reliable in the long run. When it comes to overhead lifting, you need something more reliable and something which offers superior workload limit, such as chain slings.

Chain Slings: These slings are usually manufactured in Grade 80, Grade 100 or Grade 120. Chain slings that are ideal for safe overhead lifting are Grade80. However, lower grades can be used at hardware stores, but they are not suitable for rough usage at heavy duty rigging applications.

The grades in the chain slings mention their strength to handle the weight, and with increasing grade, the load bearing capacity of the chain also increases.

1.Options in Chain Slings: When we talk about chain slings for lifting, the first and foremost thing which comes to our mind is the high tensile strength. Made from industry approved alloying elements chain slings are often accessible in three varieties:

-Standard chain slings (single or multi-leg format with sling hook and latch at the end);

-Adjustable slings (attached with a grab hook); and

-Endless chain slings (no hooks and an endless loop).

2.Why You Should Buy Chain Slings: The major reason people love chain slings is its higher versatility. These slings are extremely safe to use and thanks to the great selection of end fittings available, these slings suit a wide variety of lifting equipment requirements.

There are suppliers like Dutest that offer grade 80 chain slings with shortening grab hooks. Such types of assemblies are best when you want flexibility in your lifting applications.

Round Slings: Another simple yet effective piece of lifting equipment is round sling, it is ruling the market for its ease of use. The highly efficient lifting gear is extremely gentle on the surface and works best when you need a softer choice for rigging objects.

  1. Options for Round Slings: A widely recognized round slings supplier can provide you these softer slings in color-coded standards with manufacturing done from nylon or polyester yarns. The high tensile fiber ensures greater strength and capability, and you can avail these slings in varied length and tonnage that is labeled on each item.
  2. Why You Should Buy Round Slings: Round slings are extremely durable and are made to last. Besides, these slings are considered as a softer choice which is less damaging to smooth or polished surfaces.

Chain Slings offer efficient load protection, and round slings are very cost effective. You can select the lifting gear which suits best to your business needs. Besides, there are some entities that are fulfilling individual lifting requirements by offering customized solutions. Get in touch with the experts to find a special sling matching your workload limit for a safer job.

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