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Author: Transit Address
by Transit Address
Posted: Apr 27, 2017

Transit address

Did you ever think of International shopping can save you more money than shopping in your own country? Shopping is reflection of true self. Shopping is sometimes needed and sometimes could be a euphoric experience too. Who doesn’t want shopping to express and compliment owns personality and further nurture it in a good way.

Transit Address App is one stop solution for many of us to shop from around world and deliver your shopping at your doorstep. Many times one come across situation that product you wish is not available in India but you can see its availability in some other country like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, China, Dubai etc. Now the question is I can buy directly from those website but how do I give my address for delivery in that particular country and further how do I get that product in India? What if I have no one to help me there in that country? No need to worry now, Transit address App comes to your help in all your need here and one point contact to arrange your delivery of product from any country to your doorstep. It’s not just to buy a product which is not available in India but most interesting benefit is it saves you substantial money even when you order the product from anywhere in the world. Recently many people ordered the product from Amazon website of USA and Canada although the same product was available in India. The only reason to do this was even after all the charges of collecting product from USA and delivering it in India, it was still a cheaper deal than Indian price which sav ed around 15-40% for the buyer. All thanks to Transit Address App for their one click seamless buying experience. Interestingly buyer needs to pay directly to the website they are buying from using their credit / debit card and not to any third party.

Just download Transit address App, register your details. So if there was anything what stopped you so far from an international buying experience and benefits, its history? In short, there is no special eligibility to save on your international shopping, any one and every one can buy from convenience of sitting in home or office and save big money on their international shopping.

Transit Address is a newly launched app for International Shopping. Transit Addressis an Android App which gives end to end solution for International shoppers. Transit Address is currently giving their service in USA, UK and UAE (Dubai). Buyers who wish to buy from USA, UK or UAE (Dubai)can use the service to ship their product to India.

How it is useful? As most of the products we get in International market much cheaper than India. One can get much more quality products from international market than India. But, most of the marketplaces from USA, UK and UAE do not give delivery to India. Some of them do give but for very few products this facility is available. If they give delivery to India they charge very high shipping and delivery period is very long. Transit Address offers you very fast shipping and very low shipping Charges. Transit Address app is a one of the trusted and committed association as this service is launched by Unique Air Express the renowned name in International courier and logistics since 15 Years.

How it Works?

Download app – Register yourself – Get Transit Address of respective country as your delivery address – Purchase the product you wish to from the market place of that country- Add Transit Address as your local delivery address at the time of check out- drop a shipping request to app- Transit Address will deliver that product to your doorstep in India with custom clearance. "SO, go and grab this opportunity and shop internationally, rest is handled by Transit Address."

Did you know that roughly 50% of consumers consider free shipping as the number one purchasing factor when shopping online? E-commerce logistics and supply chain has become the focal point for freight shipping companies today.It is changing the way goods are moved from manufacturers to retailers and consumers. Therefore, whether you are fulfilling your orders through your own warehouse or using a fulfillment center, understanding the e-commerce landscape in your market segment is the key to success.

The difference between the profit and loss for many retailers depends upon their supply chains. Therefore it is essential for retailers of all sizes to recognize that their back end supply chain is the key to win customers in this digital age. The pressure on the e-retail chain comes from the type of shoppers who order goods online. However, logistics plays an even greater role in these supply chains. There is burden of last minute delivery on the e-retailer where in a generic scene you would drive to the store and pick up the item.

Realizing the importance of logistics, many online retailers have set up their own companies or are moving in this direction instead of hiring third – party logistics warehouse services and international freight shipping companies. This pressure advances in customer focused technology and greater geographical coverage resulting from the e-commerce.

Seamless integration of technology where shopping carts are connected via API, web xml or some other connection to transportation management system so shoppers get the exact quote of shipping larger items and vice versa.

It includes activities as below to accomplish successful delivery of goods and services across the world:

  • Ability to organize and track the shipment from time to time
  • a) Online status and billing
  • b) Online dispatch of invoice
  • c) Auto reminder for payments
  • d) Information systems report
  • e) Online alerts for critical information via texts or emails, etc.

The evolution of e-commerce shipping and logistics has however allowing customers more control over the delivery process than before.

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With Transit Address you can shop from Usa ship to India, Shop from UK ship to India, Shop from Uae ship to India, Shop from Dubai ship to India. Also you can do International shopping, Global shopping & shop worldwide ship to India

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