5 Qualities to Look for in AC Maintenance and Repair Services Provider

Author: Ram Murti
by Ram Murti
Posted: Apr 28, 2017

With an increasing number of people using air conditioners or ACs in homes these days, it has no more remained a luxury. It has become a regular home appliance just like the television or refrigerator. Naturally, with the increase in use of AC, the demand for associated services such as installation, maintenance and repairing have also increased.

To tap the increasing demand for AC maintenance and repair, there are a lot many service providers operating in the market. Each one of them claims to be the best, but not all are equally capable. So, how to determine which service provider to choose? To make your life easy, we are mentioning here five qualities that you should look for in an AC maintenance and repair service provider before signing an AMC with them:

Offers round-the-clock service

If it would be an ideal world, your AC would not breakdown on weekends and odd times, but that’s not the case. Your cooling device may shut-off in the middle of the night or on a Sunday afternoon. Obviously, in the scorching summer, you don’t want to be just waiting for the maintenance people to arrive after a day or two. That’s why, you should select the maintenance service provider who provides round-the-clock or 24-hour service, so that your cooling device could be fixed without any frustrating delay.

Provides prior cost estimate at home

Your AC service provider should provide you with a prior cost estimate, so that you can assess the costs and compare them with the market rate. It is also essential that the service provider should send their person to your home to listen to your requirement, see your appliance, and provide the most accurate estimate.

Charges fair price and provides offers

Your service provider should charge fair price against the services provided by them. The charges must be competitive and as per industry standards; there are some unscrupulous providers who dupe customers by charging inordinately. The service provider who follows ethical business practices can never ask for exorbitant rates. A good provider should also provide you with certain offers and discounts, such as complimentary cleaning of AC, or special discount on taking AMC for two units, or something of that kind.

Bears a professional attitude

The maintenance provider should deal in a professional manner. That is to say, they should not ask for any additional or hidden costs besides the one decided initially. They should provide the services in a timely manner as per the agreement. They should also provide you fair advice regarding the product as and when required.

Should be experienced and provide genuine references

Your AC maintenance services provider should have considerable experience in the industry. They should also have several genuine references of previous or existing clients to provide to you. These things strengthen the credibility of the service provider and provide you with more confidence in opting for their services.

Whether you are looking for AC repair in Gurgaon, or AC repair in Ghaziabad, or for that matter, air conditioner repair and maintenance services in any other city, you must look for the above qualities in a service provider before choosing them. This will not only save your hard-earned money, but also save you the headache of dealing with a wrong service provider.

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