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Latest trends in the internet world and how best to prepare for them

Author: Deborah Belford
by Deborah Belford
Posted: Apr 29, 2017
evolutionary process

The world, and everything in it, are on a mission of constantly evolving and making itself better. Almost every invention that human beings have created, are not in their original shape, they have evolved over the years, and right now they are in some other shape than what they were when they were first invented. Be it computers, telephones, cars, or any other invention, they have constantly been made better after years of going through an evolutionary process. Nothing is exempted from this evolutionary process, especially one of the greatest inventions of all time, the internet. Here are some of the latest trends in the internet world that will revolutionize the way we make use of this brilliant technology.


After the undeniable success of the Wi-Fi hotspots, tech-preneurs are upping the ante by introducing the revolutionary technology of Li-Fi. So what is this technology? Wi-Fi technology works on Radio waves. Wi-Fi devices emit radio waves that are caught by any device capable of scanning for Wi-Fi signals. But the Li-Fi technology makes use of one of the fastest entity in the entire universe, LIGHT. When someone says, "Lightning Fast", they really mean something is as blistering fast as light itself, so you can understand how fast a Li-Fi internet would be. Packets of data would be able to travel at a pace unimaginable before, and Wi-Fi, that are praised so much for their pace and stability, will be forgotten once the Li-Fi hits the market.


The trivial concept of, "the more the merrier", is still in play to this day. Since the internet, in all its shapes and sizes, is more readily available than it ever was, the cheaper it is. It is still not as cheap as we would want it to be, but it is certainly not a jaw dropping burden on the pocket. More options for internet, such as, CenturyLink DSL Internet, are available for the people to pick and choose from. Their packages are fast, efficient, and above all, comparatively cheaper, and this trend will continue to grow now that better internet services like, Li-Fi, are about to hit the streets.

Online Retail:

Continuing on from previous year, more and more business owners are switching towards online retail instead of setting up a tangible shop. It makes sense, since e-commerce websites allow small businesses to set up shot virtually anywhere in the world, without spending a time. Plus, these websites can be customized extensively to suit everyone’s needs and requires very little maintenance. Last year, alone in the US, $340B+ were spent on E-commerce, which goes to show the unparalleled success this trend has enjoyed. And this will continue to prevail no doubt, since more businesses are starting every day, and people love the idea of shopping from the comfort of their own homes.

Leaps in the Artificial Intelligence circuit:

Be it Siri, Alexa, or Cortana, in the year to come, there are going to be major developments in the field of AI. When the first AI mobile companion hit the market, it was merely just an assistant, but now it is more than that. As of today, all these AI companions are predicting your next move, making use of their intelligence. They see your behavior, analyze the situation, and then vary their answers to your query on the basis of that situation, which is absolutely unbelievable. Even in the upcoming year, this trend will continue to increase, since 65% of the smartphone users, use these types of AI one way or the other for their search queries. People are beginning to interact more with these voice recognizing AI now, more so than ever, and this has resulted in a boom that will prevail for a few years until it is completely reconditioned into something pervasive.

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