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Posted: May 03, 2017

Whether you live in Florida, run a business in Florida, or both, you can find all of your insurance needs through one underwriter. If you visit, Ace Insurance Group can secure all your policies for you, and you’ll likely save money by working with them exclusively. Experts recommend combining your coverage to realize optimal premium savings, so visit the Ace website and see how an all-inclusive insurance package will meet all of your requirements.

For Your Home

Whether you own your home, are paying off the mortgage, or rent your living quarters, you need insurance. Florida comes with a unique coverage necessity many other states don’t have: hurricane and flood insurance. Even if you don’t live along the coastline, anyone living in Florida is going to go through a hurricane eventually. If you’ve already been through one, you know how frightening and damaging they can be. You must insure your residence against the state’s unique weather patterns, but hey, where the state is locate is one of the primary reasons for living there, so it’s worth it.

You also need to secure fire, theft, and liability insurance to protect you, your home, and your belongings. Should you be the unfortunate victim of fire or theft, you’ll want to make certain you can restore you home and replace what’s been lost. You also need liability coverage in the event someone falls at your house or is injured by your pet. can explain these needs further, including renter’s insurance for those leasing their resident. Your belongings are not covered under your landlord’s policy.

For Your Vehicles

Your cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, and watercraft's also need full insurance coverage, especially your off-roading and water vehicles. There is a disturbing trend in the U.S., and that is an increase in ATV, motorcycle, and boating accidents. These vehicles are fun, no one will argue with that, but they are also very dangerous, even for skilled riders. Do not enjoy one of the perks of living in Florida, the water sports, without making certain your boats and skis are insured. You should ensure your recreational vehicles have full coverage when you take them out.

For Your Business

Many people retire to Florida and open their business. If this is you, you need commercial insurance coverage. Thankfully, can help you will this, as well. In fact, depending on what you do, you may be to combine all coverage, your home, auto, and commercial insurance needs into one policy. This will save you money on your monthly, quarterly, or annual premiums and make paying for your insurance needs that much easier. Just make certain to book your personal and business insurance expenses separately, as there are different financial and tax implications for each.

Sit down and think about what you need to insure. Write out a list and then visit When you secure all of your coverage from one place, you not only save money but also make your life easier. When working with an experienced agent, he or she will find gaps and recommend coverage you didn’t realize you needed alongside the coverage you know you need.

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