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Different Blood Pressure Level – Lying down v/s Standing and Lying down v/s Sitting

Author: Santu Steyn
by Santu Steyn
Posted: May 05, 2017
blood pressure

Blood pressure level varies as per different position. It shows different records every time, when measure in sitting, lying down & standing position. Our body will not able to get oxygen & proper nutrient if our body does not have blood pressure level. Accurate Blood pressure measurements, as well as Blood pressure variations once lying down versus standing up and sitting will be terribly useful once care suppliers try to observe the condition. However, it’s vital to grasp the impact that every position has on BP levels.

There are 3 measure common positions that healthcare employees use once taking someone’s Blood pressure. Taking BP lying down is that the obvious technique used once a patient is hospitalized, however in an exceedingly doctor’s workplace a patient is typically sitting in a chair. The blood Pressure can also be measured at the time of standing.The diastolic blood pressure is near about 55mm/Hg lower, when blood pressure is measure at the time of lying as comparable to sitting. Similarly the systolic Level is near about 88mm/Hg at the time of lying position in comparatively sitting position. These things are happen because the heart & arm are at the same level when the measurement is done in lying down position. BP level – Lying down vs. StandingThe heart has two motions – contracting and relaxing, That’s why blood pressure monitor is measured as two numbers over each other. Systolic is the actual beat of the heart whereas diastolic beats is when the heart relaxes. The report always recorded Systolic pressure which is listed over diastolic, For example - 120 over 80, which is normal blood pressure Monitor.BP level – Lying down vs. SittingBlood pressure level is lower while measured in lying position and is higher when measured in sitting position. Our heart need to pump for supplying blood to brain. While lying down it require less work to pump and the head is in similar level of heart & that’s why BP level is low. At the time of sitting our head is lot higher and need to work harder to supply blood to brain and the BP level is higher.

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