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What Do You Ask a Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles?

Author: Kahn Roven
by Kahn Roven
Posted: May 05, 2017
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You need an experienced and skilled attorney to represent your interests in personal injury cases. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find an attorney with fair prices and honest advice. Most professionals are in the field to maximize their profit rather than protect client interests. They may offer advice that benefits them more than it benefits you. That’s why it’s important to ask some important questions before you hire personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles. Here’s what you should ask when you meet your prospective lawyer for the first time:

1. Do you have experience with personal injury cases?

While legal training and good education are important, you should still look into their experience and specializations. For example, some personal lawyers in Los Angeles specialize specifically in workplace injury while others have experience with medical malpractice. Take the time to make sure your lawyer has experience in the field connected to your case before you hire them.

2. How many compensations have you won?

Some clients hesitate to ask their lawyers about their past cases and how much money they won when they were successful. It’s important to discuss all facts of the case with your lawyer candidly. Ask them about their recent cases and determine how many cases and compensations they have won in the past. Their success rate will tell you just how good their negotiation skills are and how knowledgably they’re in their fields.

3. Have you ever fought cases in court?

Most personal injury cases are settled outside of court through careful negotiations. However, sometimes the negotiations fail and you have no recourse but to take the case to court. Some personal lawyers in Los Angeles are unwilling to take that step. Before you hire a lawyer, ensure they have successfully fought a few cases in court and gained the compensation their clients needed to lead a comfortable life.

4. Can you provide references?

You can verify all the information your lawyer provides about their past experience and successful cases by asking for and checking references. You can ask the previous clients about their experience with the lawyer and how they established communication. You can use this feedback to determine if the lawyer is the right fit for you.

5. How do you approach these cases? What’s the process involved?

Different personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles approach cases differently. It’s a good idea to discuss the case methodology with them to understand how they work. If you understand their approach, you will know how to help them and can work together to ensure your case is successful.

6. How do you charge your fees?

Most lawyers charge contingency fees so their payment is contingent upon winning the compensation. They’ll take a small percentage of the compensation after the case is settled and hand rest of the money over to you.

These questions and a little caution will help you choose the right person to handle your personal injury case. The success of your case depends on the skill and commitment of your lawyer so it’s important to make that choice carefully.

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