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Replacing Damaged Wheels with Safe Wheels

Author: Kwick Rims
by Kwick Rims
Posted: May 08, 2017

Wheels of cars have traversed a long journey from the bulky, unattractive steel wheels to the light-weight, enticing and durable alloy wheels. What’s more, these alloy wheels, unlike steel wheels can be repaired by wheel specialists for bent rims, scratches and many other damages.

Replacing Wheels

However, despite the best wheel repair, NH services, some damages on wheels like cracks and others are beyond repair. Then, replacement is the only solution then.

Sometimes car owners are not so happy with the wheels that come with the car. So, they opt for new and better-looking wheels to replace the not-so-enticing wheels.

In both these cases, the challenging question encountered by car owners is whether to buy OEM wheels or replica wheels.

The difference in OEM and replica wheels

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) wheels are made to the specifications matching the car. These specifications are set by the car manufacturer in a bid to ensure:

Longevity of the wheels despite the innumerable road hazards

Ability to remain unaffected by road salts, acids etc

Proper fitting, in a way to avoid vibrations while driving.

Customized to carry the car’s weight, its passengers and cargo, if any.

Durability with an objective to minimize warranty claims.

It therefore, goes without saying that these wheels are problem-free. On the contrary are the replica wheels, which are easily available. Most replica wheel manufacturers label their wheels as made to OEM specifications or manufactured in the same unit. What’s more, since they are priced much lower than the original wheels, they rarely fail to entice car owners.

Considering the role of wheels in carrying the car’s burden, are the replica wheels safe? Aren’t they dangerous and life-threatening?

Safety First

To be sure of making the right decision towards you and your car’s safety, it is important to understand the following points about replica wheels.

The primary attraction of replica wheels is its price. So, to keep the price low, manufacturers often use low quality, lesser density materials and use cheap manufacturing methods. These tires are therefore, weak and can neither be repaired nor have a long lifespan.

Replica wheels are mostly made of a standard size that fits most wheels. However, inappropriately sized wheels can be dangerous and cause serious accidents.

Mostly, replacement of original wheels with replica wheels does not void the car’s warranty. However, if the new wheels are improper in size and quality, then any kind of damage in the suspension system or brakes will mostly not be eligible for warranty. The manufacturer blames it on the inappropriate wheels. However, with OEM wheels, this problem does not arise.

Original factory wheels are subject to the most stringent conditions to ensure that they can run smoothly and safely for a long time and travel thousands of miles. Moreover, a whole lot of research and development goes into making the right wheels for the right car. The same is not true with replica wheels.

Factory wheels are therefore stronger, last longer and perform better. What’s more, wheel repair, NH is possible for original factory wheels and minor damages rarely require replacement.

So, buy factory wheels and save on safety, life and others of the wheels.

About the Author

In this article, the author has highlighted the points that you need to consider that you need to consider while choosing professional for wheel repair in NH.

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