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Top 10 Hottest high tech toys for kids

Author: Malay Saha
by Malay Saha
Posted: May 08, 2017

The world of technology has revolutionized every sphere of human life. The advancements in science and technology have made life much easier and have completely changed the way we do things. With the technical air all around, the children of these days are no more like their forefathers. The kids of these days need stimulating toys to nurture their talents. Also, the world of tech toys has no dearth of some really wonderful gadgets that can fuel your child’s zealous pursuits. Here are our top ten picks of hottest selling tech toys that you can consider buying for your kid.


This is a wonderful tech kit to prove to create electronic simple machines can be easier as assembling some blocks together. The kit comes with a set of building blocks that also feature color-coded circuit components easily attachable to each other. The use of this kit also does not require the knowledge of electronics. You can also combine the blocks with the ordinary objects to create animated toys.


Used with iPhone or iPod, Ubooly is an incredible app based electronic toy. You can just zip in your device inside a stuffed animal and activate the Ubooly app. The toy listens to the person and responds also when ignored, the toy is asleep. You can also update the toy with new games, jokes, and stories to keep the children engaged. The parents need not worry regarding the safety of their device since it is safe inside the furry toy. This is an inexpensive option for hours of fun for your kids.

Nabi 2

This smart looking tablet is meant for kids and comes with a food-grade silicon bumper to protect any accidental damage, so leave worries if your kids place it in their mouth. The larger icons and the kid’s friendly user interface differentiate it from the other tablets available in the market. The toy comes with an integrated learning system named as Fooz Kids University meant to expose the children to the academic fundamentals.

LittleBits Gizmos and Gadgets (2nd Edition)

The LittleBits Gizmos and Gadgets Kit (2nd Edition) is a modular lego-like kit. This highly colorful easy to assemble set enables users to create interconnected electronic systems around individual pieces known as bits. Each of the bits represents a particular function like a button, light, resistor and diode and others. The bits connected can snap into the main frame without any need to solder. The second edition comes with a Bluetooth function meaning your kids can now enjoy the kit with mobile functionality.

WowWee CHiP Robot Toy Dog

This is a robotic version of a dog meant for tech-savvy kids. WowWee adds up all the lovable qualities of a dog into the robot. The toy can play, fetch, nuzzle your nose and also dance. Therefore this is a far better alternative to a real dog that might evince a nasty smell.

Kid Trackers

This is a practical gift for your child. This is a kind of wearable tracking phone for your kids though it cannot be comfortably used for all day long. This innovative wireless device can help you keep track of your kids when they are at play.

Sphero 2.0

Manufactured by Orbotix, Sphere 2.0 is a kind of ball which can be controlled by your phone. Though there is nothing very special about this, the interesting fact is you can replace the ball with any other character like a cartoon pet and issue commands to it from your mobile device. You can also use this toy to teach math and programming to the kids.


This is a suitable toy for those looking for a lot of fun. This is a kind of blanching robot controlled by your phone. The toy can be controlled both manually and in real time from the iOS or android phone. Alternatively, you can also draw paths for the robot to move on, spar, race or dance. Since MIP can carry his own weight, it is possible to stack up to the stuff onto the tray in an upright position.


Primo is a hot selling toy that teaches your kid programming at a tender age when they are just starting to read. The kit comprises three components: a robot named Cubetto, an interface for inputting instructions and instruction blocks that guide the robots on how to move. The kid will have to place the blocks in the correct order to command the robot to cross the obstacles in front of it. This kit serves the needs of kids between 4 and 7 years enabling the children to get into programming even without the knowledge of queues and algorithms.

14 In 1 DIY Solar Robot Kit

If your robotic kid looks forward to something unique, 14 In 1 DIY Solar Robot Kit is a must buy kit your child will certainly love. The solar powered robots won’t even need batteries to run. Meant for kids less than 10 years old, the kit helps create 14 different robotic modes. Due to the immense possibilities your child can achieve with this innovative as well as challenging kit, the kit assures hours of unending fun.

Children of this advanced age are smarter and learn things much quicker than the previous generations. Stimulating gadgets can give your kids most productive learning experience that can adequately supplement and complement the scholastic learning. Looking around, you will find a lot of creative toys that can nurture the professional in your child. Never hesitate to invest in a handful of technical toys that can engage your child positively and develop its multi-faceted skills. Remember, practical learning is the best experience your child can hope to get.

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Author: Malay Saha

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