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Experience best effective Implicit Bias Training in Texas

Author: David Warner
by David Warner
Posted: May 09, 2017

Implicit bias refers to unconscious attitudes and stereotypes that we all hold about certain characteristics like race, ethnicity, gender, age, appearance, sexual orientation, and disability, amongst others. These attitudes can either evoke positive or negative feelings about a person or group of people. And because these biases lie in our deep subconscious, most people are unable to easily identify and confront them. These attitudes form over the course of our lives and are influenced by early life experiences and societal or community attitudes to which we have been exposed.

Who does it affect?

EVERYONE! Implicit bias training lies within all of us. Even those who are committed to maintaining a nonjudgmental mindset harbor as many of these attitudes as anyone else. And that’s okay. Even if these unconscious attitudes are not in line with our chosen beliefs, we can grow though recognition of our biases. Through education and dedication, we can address these lurking biases to prevent them from negatively affecting our professional and personal decision-making. In every interaction we have with another person, our unconscious attitudes and stereotypes are impacting the split-second decisions about how we will engage with that person. These decisions happen in social situations- such as when we casually meet someone new in a coffee shop- and in professional ones- such as when we are hiring and promoting employees or engaging with customers and clients.

Can We Change Our Brains and Behavior?

ABSOLUTELY! Our brain is a work in progress, always growing and learning. Our brain can be taught to stop, recognize a bias and not act on the instinct that it evokes. Although implicit bias is part of our unconscious mind and is not subject to intentional control, we can gradually train our brain to disassociate with certain biases. We can also reach a level of awareness that prevents our unconscious processes from overriding thoughtful decision-making. With time and attention, we will grow.

Awareness, Education and Growth: The Secret to Our Success

We will help you understand the impact that bias is having on your business, in areas such as hiring, employee satisfaction and retention, and interactions with your customer base

Executive Leadership Growth Plan

A business’s leadership creates its environment and therefore is our primary focus. By working with those in leadership positions, we will address the unique nature of your organization and how best to solve issues of bias that are affecting performance and growth. By working with the leadership team one-on-one or as a group, we will raise awareness about how implicit bias may be affecting your professional interactions, work environment and the bottom line. We will then provide a proven, practical plan for addressing these issues, thereby fostering both personal growth and new environment of inclusion.

Inclusion Checkup

How are you doing on Diversity and Inclusion? Can you do more? By closely working with your organization, we will evaluate how you are doing and what areas you can experience more growth. Our Inclusion Checkup will uncover any unconscious biases, behaviors or norms that are within your organization and may be occurring in your workplace and causing unwanted results. We will conduct interviews, group meetings and a review pertinent company programs in order to prepare a realistic plan for a way forward.

Hand in Hand Guidance and Advising

You have an organization to focus on. Let us focus on the often unseen issues that may be affecting your success and work environment. As your growth partner, we will not only build programs and analyze progress, but we will be available to advise on any issues that may arise. This is customized to your business. Our hand in Hand Guidance can include:

Executive Team Advising & Support

Mentoring Programs

Crafting Inclusive Policies and Procedures

HR Advising & Support

Building Your Brand with an Inclusion Mindset

Product Launches: how to avoid controversy and create community inclusion

Workshops and Employee Focused Programs Workshops and Employee Focused Programs

Understanding Implicit Bias Texas and Its Impact

Inclusion Starts at the Top

Empathy as a Way Forward

Women’s Initiatives

New Dawn of Ageism

Cultural Team Building

Starting Off Right: Recruitment and Hiring, Compensation, Evaluations and Equal Opportunity

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Mindy Gulati - Diversity & Inclusion Training Expert advice businesses, & educational institutions on issues related to Diversity, Inclusion, & Implicit Bias.

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