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The Current Trend of Polyester Love Necklaces that are Easy to Maintain and are Affordable

Author: Fahad Qureshi
by Fahad Qureshi
Posted: May 10, 2017

From time immemorial necklaces have always been the favored item in a lady’s ornament box. Among st all the jewelry items that women are partial to necklaces have always had a special place and till date, the tradition is being carried forward. There have been modifications and alterations in all the jewelry items like bangles, brooches, earring and rings, and so have necklaces gone over many alterations in styles and designs over the ages but the essential essence of a necklace has remained. Necklaces are mainly worn to adorn the neck or the torso and therefore it remains the favorite item with women and sometimes even with men, though it has seen many changes over the years. Necklaces are unisex which means it is an item that both women and men can wear. With a little variation in design, both the genders can wear necklaces to complement their outfits or their dresses and also enhance their looks. The origin of necklaces can be traced back to centuries when the first beaded necklaces were discovered in the Dark Continent of Africa and since then there have been many variations but still, it has never gone out of fashion. No matter from which part a necklace originates across the globe it has always carried forward the ethnic heritage through the generations, so each part of the world has their unique designs and patterns when it comes to this particular piece of ornament.

The look of an outfit can be changed with a necklace and this is a unique attribute of the necklaces for which they have remained favorite over the ages. They give any kind of dress a touch of elegance, sophistication, and vibrancy and hence they can be paired with an evening gown as well as with casual outfits like a denim and t-shirt. In the market today there are many kinds of necklaces that are available. Some are costly when they are made with precious stones like diamonds, pearls, and rubies. These are not generally for daily wear and people usually wear them on special occasions. But then at the same time, there are the simple ones which can be worn with everyday outfits and they add that special touch which makes an altogether different style statement. The new trend that has hit the market and has become the current rage are the polyester love necklaces which are exquisite in design and look and can be customized to suit any taste. During the early British era there uses to be lace chokers and these necklaces remind one of them. They are chic and at the same time affordable. The wearers if these necklaces can show off the beauty of their neck perfectly, as these necklaces enhance any kind of neck and if paired with proper necklines they can look very sophisticated. Though these necklaces are made of polyester but they do not look cheap such is their design and different beads and charms can be added for extra effect so that they look lovely and can be paired with formal outfits also. These polyester love necklaces are available easily on the net where you can browse through hundreds of designs and choose one or more than one and add some dash of modern trendiness in your wardrobe. When it comes to dressing or jewelry, Today’s youth are more open to experimentation and hence these necklaces have gained quick popularity and the designers are coming up with more innovative styles in these necklaces. Perspiration does not spoil the necklaces and they can be easily washed with cold water. Just remember not to use a hot iron on them or they would lose their shape and elasticity. When it comes to drying you can either hang them or preferably spread them out on a towel and there are little chances of the necklaces losing their shape. There are no constraints regarding the sizes due to the flexibility of the fabric, and they come with an adjustable clasp in the back which also gives you the option of shortening or lengthening the necklaces.

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The author, Fahad Qureshi is a fashion and jewelry designer and has seen the growing trend of wearing customized naturally designed bracelets that catches the attention of all.

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