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Five Common Myths About Invisible Braces Busted!

Author: Leon Anaf
by Leon Anaf
Posted: May 11, 2017

Invisible braces are considered the most effective and easiest solution to a number of dental issues like crooked teeth, crowding of teeth, spacing problems, overbite, cross bite and so on.

The invisible braces allow an individual to flaunt a beautiful and confident smile without compromising on the diet or overall looks of that person. They are indeed superior to traditional braces in more than many ways but continue to be bound by few myths. Read on to find out more about these misconceptions.

Myth 1: Since invisible braces are not permanent they tend to be less effective

Invisible braces can be removed and fitted back easily at any point in time. They are flimsy, no match to conventional braces in sturdiness and take their time in offering the desired results. But these facts do not stop the invisible braces in Sydney from being effective. Multiple patients have benefitted through appropriate use of this advanced dental innovation and a huge number of patients continue to depend upon invisible braces for a better smile.

Myth 2: They are unreasonably expensive

There is no set cost of invisible braces treatment. The total invisible braces cost depends upon the patient, the dental practitioner as well as the location of dental clinic. The braces can be used to treat complex cases too and cost may be slightly higher than traditional braces in these cases. However, there have also been cases when the patient has ended up with lower treatment cost than opting for traditional braces.

Myth 3: Invisible braces has an "age" element to it

Not at all! Invisible braces can be worn by teenagers as well as adults and they work just fine in any case. Most working adults opt for invisible braces as they believe that it completes their professional look. Conscious teenagers on the other hand consider invisible braces as a saviour from the bullies at school.

Myth 4: Invisible braces demands too much post-care attention

Invisible braces are so much easier to handle than conventional braces. They can be removed while eating and smoking and therefore there is no fear of infection or discoloration while undergoing the treatment. Once treatment has commenced, patients are expected to visit the clinic once in 4-6 weeks. The time taken for treatment to be completed and frequency of visits may vary from one patient to another.

Myth 5: Invisible braces can be cleaned using your regular toothpaste

When you find a good dental clinic offering cheap invisible braces in Sydney, be sure to gather sufficient information about maintaining the braces in their best condition. Never use a tooth paste to clean invisible braces as this might result in scratches. Instead, use a mild soap and soak them in a sterilising solution once in a day.

The author is a reputed dentist in Sydney. He is a passionate blogger and writes about various trends in the dental industry. Read to know more.

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