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MusicPunk: The easy way to market your Band

Author: Aninda Pramanik
by Aninda Pramanik
Posted: Feb 16, 2014
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Well, we live in a busy world. When we are not continuously checking our phones, tablets or laptops for the newest happenings on social media, browsing for the newest apps, updates or the latest versions of gadgets, we are out in the city with friends and want to have an application which constantly sends us updates on what’s going on in the city, where to expect new gigs, parties or any other events. Now, with the help of a new application called MusicPunk, we are assured to get hands-on information on where to go. And as an extra, if you happen to be the one who does the gigs MusicPunk has even more on offer for you.

What is MusicPunk?

MusicPunk is an up-and-coming application which was specifically designed not only to provide constantly updated information for its users about local nightclubs but also to act as a marketing platform for those working in music entertainment. MusicPunk literally unites all the pros of two alone-standing apps, merging them to create one great platform and includes no cons at all.

How does the app work?

From the point of view of an app user, one band may just seem like the other if they don’t yet know the music they play especially when they are still unrecognized. No one really knows what to expect from an unknown band, whether to risk and go to their event without knowing their music or rather to attend a gig from a band which they already have heard of. We will tell you right-away that more 90% of the clubbers would act this way and if you think into it, you wouldn’t act otherwise either.

That’s why MusicPunk came up with a brilliant idea which doesn’t only give chance for bands to upload their event info through the app, but they even include a very special extra: bands and musicians can straightaway provide a link of one of their songs or videos alongside their event details. This way, anyone who checks out the event will get the chance to listen to a gig of the band right-away,

Why MusicPunk is a great advertising tool

MusicPunk offers lots of services, which are great for both parties: the app users get the chance to know a new band and the band will instantly make fans and generate attention, which will continue to grow from then on. As an extra, MusicPunk is also present on all the most popular social sites. Once you downloaded the app, it will provide you with fast updates on gigs and venues for the night with lots of musicians’ songs and videos to check out. This extra tool is specifically designed to help the bands to get more fans and also helps users in choosing the best venue to visit.

As a conclusion, MusicPunk acts as the perfect promotional tool for any band out there that needs that extra push to become popular, and it does so without you having to pay any money for it. This app can be a real gift for you and it can really act as the catalyst of your future music career.

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Hi, This is Aninda Pramanik. I am a simple and funny boy. Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Loftyserp. Like to research online market place.

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