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What is Re-gibing?

Author: Glen Hunter
by Glen Hunter
Posted: May 12, 2017
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When Scrim or any other aged or dry wall lining is replaced with the plasterboard, this process is commonly referred as Relining or Re-gibing. In New Zealand, plasterboard is usually known as GIB, which is the brand name for the form of plasterboard and it is most commonly sold. Re-gibing is very important as when you have interior wall surfaces. It can be very problematic to get your house insured. Because when you will get insurance, your insurance agency will ask you whether or not your home has been relined. The insurance company considers scrim & sarking wall linings as a high risk factor for destruction.

So, if you have scrim and sarking wall linings also combined with old or damaged wiring, you may not be able to get a comprehensive insurance policy. As a result, removing the scrim and sarking by using the Re-gibing is very important to get the best finish at the end of any renovating and redecorating project.

What is Plasterboard or GIB?

Plasterboard is basically a rigid board, which is an inner layer of gypsum squeezed between the coatings of two outer layers of lining paper. All the plasterboard is usually resistant to fire and is the most often used wall board material in new constructions. The existing building regulations need particular specifications for wall board and fire ratings for all wall surfaces. The latest and modern plasterboards are designed to meet these requirements.

Removal of scrim and sarking after new plasterboard is on

After the new GIB or plasterboard has been put up replacing the scrim and sarking, the final part of the relining process GIB-stopping begins. When joining between the plasterboard sheets are plastered to give a smooth finish without seams the process is known as GIB stopping. GIB stopping is a kind of an art. So, when working out on how to put up a plasterboard may take a little bit of research, the right tools or equipmentā€™s and a systematic planning. This is why, it is best to hire in some greatly recommended GIB stopping experts for this purpose.

Re-gibing is only a small but important part of the renovation

Re-gibing is not only about putting up some GIB, but it is also a good opportunity to sort out a number of things in a room. When you strip all the old scrim or sarking off, you are going to get a lot of opportunity to access difficult areas which usually involve those areas of your home which are not easily accessible.

This also gives a great opportunity to insulate. The insulation of exterior walls is very important and insulating interior walls of your house with normal or sound proof insulation can enhance your enjoyment of your home warmer and quieter by noise reduction.

New Insulation & Wiring

While relining, you can also enjoy the opportunity to replace the old wiring in a room and even use more plugs, switches and light fittings.

Sometimes it can be difficult to get a good finish by with the technique of Re-gibing. So, you will need to do a bit of planning before replacing your scrim and sarking wall linings.
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