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How to improve vision? Ways to cure nerves puffy eyes with naturally,

Author: Raees Ahmad
by Raees Ahmad
Posted: May 12, 2017
puffy eyes

How to overcome the nerves of puffy eyes. Puffy eyes are not too dangerous and he also endangers the puffy eyes, in our article, summarized here how to fix puffy eyes, natural treatment without side effects and have noticeably puffy eyes affect your vision or also when in the scratch, our eyes ached and a lot of people complain about this disease.

At this time we will inform you about the cause of eyes swollen from nervous disorders and also the natural way with herbs or other medicine and also advice to prevent his eyes swollen nerves in this article.

You don't need to panic again when you or your family have puffy eyes here we provide nervously informs on the puffy eyes and eye nerve drugs without side effects here explain us the serious dangers of swollen eyes and is not harmful because here discuss in full, try reading the article below.

How to fix eye swollen by Cause

Swelling of the eyes here caused a lot of things that are facing this. In the eyes of the swollen, there are no serious or too puffy eyes, swollen eyes indicative of serious health problems but ancient threaten your view. The following causes of swelling in the eyes and the mode of treatment the eyes puffy depending on the cause of the disease.

1. How to defeat the eyes puffy nerves due to Allergies

Allergy eyes most commonly inflated in many natural people a number of allergies can be here with the impact that the severe impact on the result by scratching with dirty hands of the absence.

Ago bitten insect with reaction with his unisex eye shadow ago gave rise to eyelids become swollen and there is also the experience with allergic fur. Other forms of reaction trigger also the appearance of swollen eyes fluid eye lens box are used.


Allergy is only on the sensitive skin on the eyelids.

Nerve Pentagonal eyes swollen due to Allergies:

  • How his treatment with cold compressing to the party that knows the swelling in water and avoids the IRIS when touched in the membrane of the eye will be poignant on the part of the eye.
  • Avoid first equipment containing a chemical to your face and also avoid the first usage makeup or other powders her sari before it happens more to swelling.
  • Not scratch - scratching by on an itch when it started the enlargement of the swelling and the pain will be felt the part of the eye.
2. Ways to Overcome Swollen Eye Nerve Due To Injury

Injury eyes caused by former surgery on the eyelids or with your eyes trigger. Eyelid surgery turned out to trigger the occurrence of inflammation and swollen eyes. Not only that, Injury in an intention can also be caused by collisions on the part of the eye.

Healing the eye nerve swelling due to injury:

  • Compress with the cold water even wipes clean for 10 minutes at least 3 times a day.
  • Use a pillow that is high enough for the best sleep positions when the eye is subjected to swelling injury.
3. How to overcome nerves puffy eyes due to lack of sleep

Lack of sleep or with called with panda eyes because the eyes as when there are the bag under the eyes to swell.

Treatment of nerve swollen eyes due to lack of sleep:

  • Slices slices of cucumber with a thin stick on the eyes for a few minutes with the elongated body of position and head higher than the body
  • Ice cubes. Paste the ice cubes in the eye when you're not strong and powerful with ice then use a membrane with a clean cloth and glue on the eyes for a few minutes.
  • A used teabag pouch, grab a used teabag pouch 2 seeds then paste on the various eye.

Thus the explanation of the swelling of the eye nerve upon the cause and ways of healing. Finally, I would like to rise: Contact the doctor immediately during conditions that affect your puffy eyes do worse and action as early as possible to keep your eyes healthy and improve eyesight, eat & drinking to the health of the eyes. Thank you visited on this hopefully our article useful for you.

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