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A brief guide to buy used tyres

Author: Glen Hunter
by Glen Hunter
Posted: May 16, 2017
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If you have been thinking to replace your vehicle’s old tyres and you are on a tight budget, a used tyre is a perfect and affordable option for you. But before you start your purchase, you need to learn what to look for when buying used tyres. All the second hand tyre dealer doesn't have the same regulations, so it is important to find a reliable and trustworthy dealer. Because not all the second hand tyres available in the market are usable and safe to drive on the roads.

Most often people think that it is not wise to invest in used car tyres and that they are not safe. But it isn’t actually correct. When compared to brand-new set of wheels, second hand ones are considered as a great option as they are very cheap. But purchasing used set of wheels is not as simple as it seems. You need to consider numerous factors in order to choose a perfect set of wheels without compromising on the safety front. For this purpose, you can either shop online or from a local supplier of second hand car parts. You may also get some special discounts, if you shop from a reliable local dealer.

How to shop for second hand tyres

Always ensure to shop from a trusted dealer with a good reputation, when shopping for a second hand set of wheels. This way you will be at a lesser risk of buying a bad pair of second hand tyre. So, it is absolutely important that you educate yourself about all the factors that you need to look for when shopping for a new pair of wheels. Here we have given a great helping useful tips for purchasing reliable second hand tyres.

Check the Tyre Size

Checking the size is the foremost criteria when shopping for both old and new tyres. You must first look for a wheel with appropriate size that fits your automobile and only after that you must look for other factors. There are basically two factors that require to be considered - the size if the wheels which are already installed in your vehicle and the size recommended by the auto manufacturer.

If you are only planning to replace all the wheels of your car, it may not be important to consider the first factor and you can purchase wheels according to the size given in your automobile’s user’s manual. But in case, if you are thinking to replace only a particular worn-out tyre, it is necessary to get the wheels of the same size as that of the previous ones. As unevenly sized wheels can make your vehicle unstable on the roads and risk your safety. Check the alphanumeric code given on the sidewalls of the wheels in order to obtain the accurate size.

Look for uneven tread wear and check the tread depth

When you have found the right size of the wheels for your automobile, the next essential thing you must look for is tread depth and tread pattern. For those who are new to this term, tread pattern is the pattern you find on the tyre surface. It can be asymmetric, symmetric, and directional or forming a number of other patterns like diamond, zigzag, V-shaped, parallel, etc. While tread depth is the grooves or ridges in the patterns. You can use a tread depth gauge to measure the tread depth. If you it shows less tread depth, it means the surface of the wheel is highly worn-out. Again, remember to use the tread pattern of the wheels that were already installed in your automobile.

General Condition

You should look for signs of repair, to determine whether the tyre is worth purchasing or not. The basic rule of thumb is that if a wheel has gone through many repairs, it is unlikely to be in good condition. This is why, it is not fit to be re-used again. You may also look for other signs of wear and tear that includes cracks on the sidewalls. As minor damage to the sidewalls is not fine as compared to the tread surface.

Another important factor that you must look for is the age of the tyre. This means the number of years it has passed since it was manufactured. Remember the service life of a wheel is about 8 - 10 years from its manufacturing date. Because when a used set of wheels is at the end of its service life, it becomes more prone to various problems like decreased levels of traction and frequent damages. So, make sure to be on the safe side and check that the extent of tread wear is not above 50% and is even on the surface of the other tyres as well.

Lastly, Negotiate the Price

Once you have selected a good and reliable pair of wheels, it’s time to consider the price. This is where you will have to use some really good bargaining skills and also do some research on the general price of the second hand wheels. After all, you won’t of course want to pay a price similar to a new set of wheels.

If you opt for buying a cheap car tyres online, just make sure to check out its detailed pictures about the condition and if they are really reliable enough.

Overall, purchasing pre-owned set of wheels is not only profitable, but it has its own benefits too. As recycling and reusing old tyres have numerous advantages to the environment.

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