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Some Things You Might Want to Know About Bubble Soccer

Author: Bubbleball US
by Bubbleball US
Posted: May 17, 2017

People are already going ga-ga about this new kind of recreational sport that has taken over the minds and hearts of the people. They are calling it bubble soccer, or more simply, bubbleball. If you have already have an earful about this exciting sport, then it’s time to go over the tiny details that matter. Bubble soccer is a unique contact sport that is keeping people engaged over the weekends these days. Just like laser tag and other kinds of recreational sports, this one was an instant success since its launch. Here are some details that may complete your idea about the sport.

How Did It Become So Popular in Such Short Time?

It definitely raises a lot of questions, but the answers are pretty straight forward. The sport may have, in the opinions of many, started as a little joke, but at this stage, it’s a pretty cool and wildly joke. Its long-standing popularity has shown to the people that it is not a lark, but something that is going to stay. The first thing that makes bubble soccer so popular is its entertainment potency. The sport offers both comfort and enjoyment, thrill and laughter, together. How many recreational sports are out there in the market that offer all this at the same time? Not many, if you ask me. That explains why people have instantly fallen in love with this unique sport.

What’s the Cost of Playing a Round of Bubble Soccer?

There are two ways in which you can enjoy this sport. You can book a place to play bubble soccer or go ahead of others and buy a full kit for your personal use. Both come for a price, but evidently, hiring the grounds for an hour or two will cost a lot less than buying the complete supplies. If you are a fan who likes to play very often, then going for the latter option makes a lot more sense than frequently hiring fields for a round of soccer bubble with your friends. Of course you have the option of splitting the cost with your friendsif you are playing with them. A third option is to go for a bubble soccer rental that doubles the fun and saves much of the expense. The game kits come together with safety appliances.

Details of the Game

A game of bubble soccer lasts about 24 minutes, each half running for 12 minutes. However, you can shrink the time to 10 minutes for each half, depending on the availability of the ground and your convenience. There is a half-time interval during which players can relax and sip some energy drinks before returning back to the field. The players, like regular soccer, are divided into two teams. Only in this case, the teams consist of 5 players each. The teams can have one female player at least. Substitutions are allowed for all ready players in case the need for it arises.

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