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Drone Company Name Suggestions

Author: Aldis Lee
by Aldis Lee
Posted: May 22, 2017

Drone companies have decided to terminate the name ‘drone’ as the word has been associated with a lot of controversy. Acronyms have been suggested to keep a peaceful image. The acronyms are Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Unmanned Aerial System (UAS). The word system is used to refer to the flying vehicle, its control and the communication connections involved.


For drone brand name ideas would suggest strong and technical brands like;


This name is efficient for a drone company since it is very reflective. It can be used by a drone company to help prevent evoking emotional responses from different individuals. Copter is an informal short for helicopter which already rings a bell in the mind of a person who reads it anywhere. Using the word copter will make it easier to explain to the people what the company is all about. As simple as how the helicopter moves, this word is a sufficient alternative for the unmanned Aerial vehicles. Just like the real helicopters, this will indicate the ability to carry moderate and increased range. A company that adopts this as its drone brand name will be good to go. The brand itself if self-explanatory and not ambiguous.


Since we want to maintain a peaceful environment concerning the vehicle, is a perfect word for this purpose. The word secure in itself brings about the real feeling of safety, something sending a positive message to the eye is definitely effective in bringing about a positive response. Drones have been viewed some people to be responsible for bloody events, therefore changing the name to might help to wipe away fears and the bad image. Obviously, not all unmanned flying vehicles are sent with an intention of causing problems. So it is fair enough to avoid the harsh judgments. While secure in gives an assurance of safety, the other word, wing, will stand for the mobility of the unmanned vehicle in the air. A company that uses the name will be comfortable as it will send a message of Safe flying. Therefore, this is the best replacement for drone.


For an automatic moving object, this is a very good drone brand name. With the first initials of the real word, it does not eliminate the fact that the company is indeed involved in making the same machines. This word when used to disguise the name drone will be a better option as drone companies are required to safeguard the initial purpose of the unpiloted robots including simple toys and any other small Unmanned Aerial System. will cover for the incorporation of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle as well as the system involved in operating it.


It is not possible that the non-piloted robots are mindless automatons which have no capability for independent action or thought. But still, not everybody out there can be made to understand this. Since we are talking about flying unmanned aerial vehicles, in whatever technological frontier they are meant for, this is a good alternative for the word drone. The most important thing for the drone company is to find a brand that indicates something close to what the Unmanned Aerial vehicle does. does not have any danger in it and is unlikely to trigger the negative reaction from the people the way term drone would.

Imagery is very important in portraying the image of anything to the people. When this includes remotely piloted things that are looked at very suspiciously, you have got to be careful with the choice of brand you choose. is a significant domain for a drone company that makes genuine Unmanned Aerial Vehicles which perform different functions like aerial photography, agricultural efficiency, and rescue work among others.


Sounding like your favorite game, this brand would not in way go wrong with a drone company. Since companies are seeking a way to make drones sound less terrifying, this strong and attractive name is the best way to go. Using names like this reduces the worry of direct scrutiny from the public which has increased horrendously over the years. will be a good drone brand name.

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