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Bommer Hinges – A Small but Important Finishing Touch

Author: Amazing Doors & Hardware
by Amazing Doors & Hardware
Posted: May 23, 2017

Selecting a new door for a residential, commercial or industrial setting is only the first step in creating an entry that is safe and secure. To ensure reliable performance and proper support, the right hardware must be used during the installation process. This is where Bommer hinges can prove to be a small, but very important finishing touch.

Bommer hinges are created by a company that has specialized in crafting hardware for more than 125 years. Its lineup of hinges includes designs suitable for a variety of needs. From architectural hinges meant to enhance a door’s beauty to spring hinges that enable smooth but automatic closing, this company’s hardware is ideal for any setting.

While the precise type of Bommer hinges required will depend on the style of door, its weight and its intended use, consumers will find these design types available:

Architectural hinges – These hinges are the standard designs found in most homes and office settings. They are meant to mount to the door frame and the side of the door. Most architectural hinges can be painted to match a door’s color scheme, but beautiful brass or shiny chrome selections may be preferred for as-is mounting to enhance the appearance of a door while also providing necessary support during opening and closing. These hinges are suitable for use not only on exterior doors, but also those that close off bedrooms, baths and other interior rooms.

Geared hinges – These Bommer hinges enable doors to open and close without the use of the pin found in many standard residential door hinges. A continuous geared hinge, for example, may be selected to more evenly distribute load stress to prevent wear, tear and door sagging if a heavier door is selected. This type of hinge can be important in some commercial and industrial settings.

Single acting spring hinges – This type of hinge is meant to enable a door to open in one direction and then close automatically due to the spring action provided. Spring action hinges are commonly used in commercial settings. Bommer hinges are an excellent choice because the durability of these designs ensures smooth closing action.

Double acting spring hinges – Double acting spring hinges, as their name suggests, enable the easy opening and closing of a door in either direction. The spring action ensures smooth, automatic closing. Bommer hinges provide for adjustments to be made to the spring tension. This enables greater control over the power of the closing action and the speed at which a door will shut. These hinges are meant to enable 90-degree opening in either direction.

Making the investment in a new door to enhance a home’s beauty or promote safety and security demands the right mounting hardware. Bommer hinges are a superior finishing touch that can provide the right amount of support for any door and the desired opening and closing action for any setting.

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