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Posted: May 25, 2017

For an Ireland Work Permit of six months or lesser, applicants need to pay €500 fee. For a work permit of six months to two year, they need pay €1,000 fee. Here too, unsuccessful applicants will get back 90 percent of their fees.

To apply for an Ireland Work Visa, applicants should have got job offers. They are allowed to apply for employment permits themselves or their employers could do it on their behalf, but they cannot apply through recruiters or other third-party people. Employers are allowed to pay for the cost of the permit. For applications rejected, 90 percent of the fee is returned to the applicants.

Individuals must apply online and the processing time of Critical Skills as well as General Permits is about eight weeks usually.

To allow hiring of appropriately qualified people from non-EU countries for skills where shortages are severe, Ireland has introduced the Working Visa and Work Authorisation Scheme. This scheme allows applicants with job offers from Irish employees to get immigration and employment clearance beforehand from Embassies and Consulates of Ireland. The new scheme is not a replacement but is a quicker alternative to the procedure of the work permit which is till available to Irish employers.

Employment Permits are issued for Dependents/Partners/Spouses Employment Permits. In the case of dependents, they should have arrived in Ireland before they were 18 years old. If the principal employment permit holder is a Green Card Permit holder, a Critical Skills Employment Permit holder, or a Researcher, then they would not have any labour market tests, they would not be charged for work permits and there are eligible for all jobs.

To Work in Ireland one must mandatorily have a PPS (Personal Public Service) number, which is a unique reference number. This is used by employers to make on the behalf of their employees the needed tax and social insurance contributions. PPS numbers are also used when availing social welfare and health benefits.

One must apply for this number through the Department of Social Protection. Since PPS numbers are issued by all social welfare offices, applicants must contact their local social welfare office to know where they should go.

To be eligible to obtain a PPS number, one must demonstrate a requirement for having one. It normally takes applicants five working days from the date of application to get a PPS number.

If certain applicants have received qualifications in a country other than Ireland, the qualification’s nature and the country where it was received matter. With the qualification received in a country other than Ireland, it is possible to get it formally recognized in the Emerald Isle. If applicants harbor any doubts, they could contact Quality and Qualifications Ireland, which links overseas qualifications to Ireland’s closest comparable qualification. This agency provides service free of charge.

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