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The Wonderful Features of Video Analytics

Author: Kathy Stewart
by Kathy Stewart
Posted: May 26, 2017

With each passing day, we are seeing a steady growth in the demand for a superior security system. But having a security camera or a surveillance system is not enough. You need someone to assess the footage that's captured too. For instance, there could be a large residential complex that has state-of-the-art surveillance cameras for security. But what's the point in collating so much data when no one has the time to see it? That's where video analytics software comes in. It makes surveillance systems faster and more efficient and reduces the workload of a system manager.

Why should you install one?

In order to understand the features of video analytics, it's important to understand how it works. In fact, each system will be different depending on the make, model and application. Despite these differences, there's one thing common among all. Each one requires you to set the parameters and alerts for a particular activity so that the software can detect and notify you about it. So departmental stores may set alerts for any motion in their store within a particular time span to ensure that it remains safe. It may notify owners through mail or message immediately to help them avoid break-ins or any untoward incidents.

Versatility that will wow you

You may use video analytics for a number of reasons. Some of them include detecting motion, reading license plates, and face recognition. And that's not all. You can also count on it for sending alerts when there are long queues. What it can do for you largely depends on the parameters you have set. Due to the vast range of features the software offers, it is usually compatible with most surveillance systems. Checking for compatibility however is a good idea.

Defining its scope

The best part about video analytics software is that it can capture and analyze video feeds that are otherwise difficult to spot for the human eye. The pixel by pixel analysis ensures that even minute changes get captured in amazing detail. It’s also an important reason why such surveillance systems come in handy for city surveillance too. In fact, any area that needs tight security can reap the benefits of video analytics.

The fact that video analytics software captures data in real-time makes it a great investment. The absence of time lags makes it easier to monitor. Besides, it also minimizes the need for having dedicated personnel for watching video feeds. There are several companies out there that sell state-of-the-art video analytics software for various settings and requirements. It may seem a bit costly initially but if you look at the long-term benefits, it’s definitely worth spending on. You may have to shop around a bit for the right software. The Internet would give you a head start on your search for the perfect software. No matter which software you choose, don’t forget to look for online reviews and things like warranty and service before you go ahead with your purchase.

About the Author

Kathy works for a Nvr server manufacturer. She also writes articles on industrial security and benefits of network video recorder in industrial security.

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