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Standing Desk Health Benefits

Author: Will Smith
by Will Smith
Posted: May 29, 2017

Driving down the street, you see rows and rows of buildings on either side of the road. Whether it’s banks, libraries, schools, marketing companies, or real estate offices, most if not all buildings have employees working on desks. Office work jobs are some of the most common jobs out there. Most office employees dread the fact that they will be sitting in one spot for hours on end. The lack of physical movement involved in their daily routine, affects their productivity and more importantly, their health. There weren’t many options available for those having to deal with this nuisance regularly, until the standing desk was invented.

The standing desk has many health benefits:

Those who spend most of their day sitting are more than 50% more likely to have a heart attack. The chances of diabetes, other cardiovascular diseases, and blood clots also increase, simply because of sitting for prolonged periods of time. Worst of all, is that nothing you do will counteract the effects of sitting all day. Meaning, if you go home and participate in a physical activity for an hour or two every night after work, you will still be at risk of suffering from its negative effects. Avoiding the health risks that come with sitting is enough benefits if you ask me, but that isn’t all. The standing desk will lengthen your lifespan! Allow me to explain. Since it will improve your blood circulation, regulate your blood sugar and keep your blood pressure from spiking, along with eliminating all the negative effects that accompany sitting, it will obviously promote a longer life. Standing while working also reduces the back and joint pain associated with sitting. It is worth mentioning that an employee in pain will be less likely to focus on their work.

Our standing desk converter is adjustable. This particular feature is great for those who fear taking the leap into a more active lifestyle and being committed to suddenly stand all day. You are not forced to completely give up your sitting privilege if you ever felt the need for it. Although those with laptops are not necessarily attached to a specific work station, it helps to know that a standing desk converter for laptops is also available.

Whatever your work space is consisted of, the standing desk converter is sure to promote a more productive and much healthier environment for you, your employees and your business! For any questions or concerns regarding your office needs contact us at (323) 886-3375.

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