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Abide Drone Flying Rules To Avoid Mishappening!

Author: Unmanned Systems
by Unmanned Systems
Posted: May 29, 2017

In Canada, you can fly unmanned aerial vehicles for commercial purpose and for entertainment purpose. These drones operate with the remote controller and are widely used in many countries. The unmanned aerial vehicles or drones can be used for a commercial and personal purpose. Transport Canada is the authority which regulates the Canadian drone rules for the purpose of commercial and personal use.

The unmanned aerial vehicles look like a helicopter and are equipped with cameras. These unmanned aerial vehicles or drones are used for various purposes such as agriculture, defense, and research. These days, in Canada many universities and colleges provide exclusive education in drone engineering.

In Canada, if you want to fly drones then you have to get proper training of operating either for the personal or commercial purpose. You have to attend theoretical as well as practical coaching session for drone operating. By getting proper training and certification from an authorized drone training school you can fly drones by keeping in mind the safety and security of people and private property.

According to the Transport Canada, you have to follow all Canadian drone rules before operating an unmanned aerial vehicle. It is your prime responsibility to keep your drone away from people, crowded places, and residential areas. You may have to face some official implications if your drone lands over an unknown place and violate on someone’s property.

In reality, drones are not easy to fly particularly if you are a beginner and you do not have any prior experience of flying. So it is necessary for you to get proper training sessions and awareness about operating drones.

According to the Canadian drone rules, an individual cannot fly drone higher than 400 feet. If you operate drone above then the height of 400 feet then it may go out of vision and create a difficulty for you. So, you have to make sure that your drone will remain in front of your eyes during operation. Drones are also not allowed to obstruct the activities of manned aircraft so you have to keep your vehicle away from the manned vehicles.

To operate a drone you have to find out a wide open space. Always avoid operating drone in the parks and crowded areas. You cannot operate an unmanned aerial vehicle if you are taking drugs because before obtaining the license you have to pass a medical examination and you will not get it if you are a drug addict. Always keep in mind that you cannot operate an unmanned aerial vehicle over private properties because it is prohibited and you might be punishing or have to bear a fine of 3000 dollars.

If you are operating a drone for the purpose of entertainment and leisure then you cannot take pictures and record videos. There are some areas in Canada that are come under NO FLY ZONES so you are also not allowed to fly drones in these areas.

By following these rules and regulations you can fly a drone in Canada but always ensure to get proper training and guidance from an expert before operating a drone.

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