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First Signs of Aging in Different Age Groups that You Must Know

Author: Pratik Gaikwad
by Pratik Gaikwad
Posted: Jun 01, 2017
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Aging is typically considered to be a thing of the elderly. However, a recent research has revealed that the early signs of aging can appear as early as the 20s. Aging results in the natural deterioration of the processes of the skin that could lead to the signs of aging. You can observe the first signs of aging as early as your 20s through the fine lines around your nose and mouth, dark circles under the eyes, dark spots on the skin, and drooping of upper eyelids.

Aging is a natural process that occurs as the renewal process of the skin and the production of collagen slows down. This tends to weaken the internal supporting structure of the skin and leads to sagging or wrinkled skin. The natural deterioration of the skin, when combined with factors like lifestyle changes and environmental effects including excessive exposure to sunlight & pollution, could lead to early aging. However, signs of aging do not appear too easily. They need to be analyzed properly to be well taken care of. If you are able to spot the first signs of aging, you can consider going for an effective wrinkle treatment in Bangalore from the renowned Skinology Center.

Here are top signs that you must look out for:

In the 20s

The first signs of aging during the age of 20s could appear around the eye area. The first appearance of crow’s feet or the drooping of the upper eyelids should not be ignored. These would make your eyes appear dull and smaller. In the 20s, even fine lines start forming around the lips and nose area. This can be identified as the upper portion of the lip would begin to shrink. This can be taken as a cautionary step to include reforms that would combat the appearance of the same.

The young individuals in their 20s might also observe the appearance of dark spots on their skin that do not go away. This is due to the harmful effect of excessive sunlight. Therefore, it is advised to never slip sunscreen even when you are in your 20s. Continuous exposure to sunlight and its harmful UV rays can result in the over-production of melanin into the deeper layers of the skin. As a result of this, hyper-pigmentation occurs and this makes the skin appear darker and uneven toned with darker spots all around.

You should never ignore these first signs of aging in your 20s. Once you spot them, you can consider taking proper wrinkle-treatment or aging therapy to reduce them at the earliest.

In the 30s

The next stage of life where the signs of aging can be observed is during the 30s. The next signs come with fine and vertical lines that develop from the various facial expressions like laughing or gleaming. These expressions and lines only tend to get deeper with age.

In the 30s, the frown lines start to appear between the eyebrows and the laugh lines around the mouth area also become more pronounced. This usually happens due to the sagging of loosened skin due to gravity. The skin layer begins to lose its elasticity and volume and the lines become more defined. Even the upper lip area continues thinning with the passage of time.

These signs are sure shot indications of faster aging that need to be taken care of through proper wrinkle treatment or filler treatment.

In the 40s

This is the period of life where an individual starts expecting some visible signs of aging due to increasing age. As the skin loses more of elasticity and volume, the facial lines become more saggy and defined. The loosing of the jawline also becomes more visible and can result in the change of the appearance of the face with time. This can be considered to be an advanced stage of aging that continues as one age.

Aging is indeed a natural process. However, it can be prevented from entering our lives too soon with the help of proper wrinkle treatment and filler treatment in Bangalore by the professional dermatologists at the Skinology Center. Welcome your youthful skin with effective aging treatments!

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