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A Guide to The Best Bluetooth Communication System for Motorcycles

Author: Ashu Agarwa
by Ashu Agarwa
Posted: Jun 03, 2017

Among the many gadgets that are specially designed for motorcycle enthusiasts; Sena Bluetooth headsets have rapidly gained popularity because they have introduced new possibilities for in-ride communication. Not only do they have all the features of a regular Bluetooth headset; but they have an intercom feature which allows hands free communication within a group which makes the ride much safer. While people mostly recognize Bluetooth hands-free devices as just another motorcycle accessory; these new devices have introduced a lot of additional features to help motorcycle enthusiasts better enjoy group riding.

The new mesh networking technology is a way for hands free-communication within a group; which is more like a radio network than a regular cellular network. During long rides, where you may not even have access to cellular networks; Sena Bluetooth headsets provideS stable communication within a group of up to 16 individuals. While similar products in the past had problems like breaks in communication when a rider went out of range; devices like the Sena 30K introduced the mesh network that keeps the group inter-connected even when one (or more) riders fall out of the 2 kilometer network range.

Some Sena Bluetooth headsets like the Sena 10C took hands free devices beyond the world of merely communication; and into the field of hands free digital photography. The 10C is a powerful, and yet quaintly designed Bluetooth device that allows HD video recording for sports as well as first responders. It is a rugged and powerful device which has been designed for outdoor usage; and offers motorcycle enthusiasts to take POV videos and photographs while also remaining in constant communication. Sena devices connect to your phone using Bluetooth 4.1; and have grabbed the attention of motorcycle enthusiasts and riding groups around the world for their rugged design and long battery life!

Since bike riding groups have become so popular in India, here are some of the reasons why you (and your riding partners) should invest in such devices -

(a) They allow large traveling groups to stay in touch over long distances without the use of cellular network; so they are a vital mode of communication in remote areas.

(b) When a group is interconnected over the intercom feature of Sena Bluetooth headsets; they can easily identify if any individuals have fallen behind.

(c) In daily city use, these headsets are the only safe way to answer your phone while riding a bike; or even when driving your car.

Not only are Sena headsets very handy accessories for your mobile phone; but their unique futuristic design are also a great style to carry on your person. They are elegantly designed in combinations of matte black, blue, and steel colors; and are equally suited to be used whether you're wearing a riding jacket, or your office formal wear!

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Author: Ashu Agarwa

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