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Brisbane Roofers – The First Choice In Roof Restorations

Author: Roo Roofing
by Roo Roofing
Posted: Jun 03, 2017

If you find your roof looking worn out and feel that it is nearing its expected lifespan, you would certainly wonder whether to replace it completely or get it restored. The obvious answer is, if possible, you should get it restored.

Why roof restoration?

If you are living in Brisbane, Australia, you are in the best location to engage the roof restorers in the city that have mastered the art of roof restoration. There are plenty of reasons to go in for roof restoration Brisbane. Let us see what they are:

#1 Roof restoration is economical

As compared to complete roof replacement that can set you back by thousands of dollars, you will be better off by getting your roof restored. It is a cheaper option, because it requires less labor and materials.

#2 Roof restoration extends roof’s life

A standard roof has a lifespan of about 20 years. If you get it restored when it is in its last stages, you will manage to add 10 to 15 years more to its life.

#3 Roof restoration or replacement – a dilemma

People who are keen to replace their roof, rather than restoring it, usually end up doing nothing, due to the cost involved in replacement. This results in increased deterioration of the roof that can become dangerous to the inmates. Cheaper option of roof restoration is easily made, since it is not as expensive as replacement.

Brisbane roof restorers

You will certainly take a step in the right direction, if you engage the specialists for roof restoration in Brisbane. They will carry out a simple visual inspection to look for standing water, bubble in the roof cover, wet insulation, cracking seams, gaps in flashing and tears. Afterwards, they would undertake a detailed inspection by using equipment to locate water beneath the roof’s surface, core analysis of underlying material and examination of roof’s slope.

These steps help the specialists in determining the best way to save your roof. More often than not, you are advised to go in for roof restoration Brisbane.

Method of roof restoration

For roof restoration, the first step is to thoroughly clean the roof with high powered water jets. This rids the roof of dirt, moss, lichens and other infestations.

In the next step, all the broken and cracked tiles are replaced with new ones. Even tiles deemed to have grown weak are replaced. Repairing of guttering and fascia are also carried out. This helps strengthen the roof.

To give your roof a new look, paint is applied to it. You can either restore the old color scheme of your roof or choose something new from a color swatch. There are paints that protect and add life to the roof.

It is to the credit of Brisbane roof restorers that they are always sought by clients over other roofers for any and every roofing job.


Brisbane roof restorers are professionals who are experienced and adept at restoring your roof to make it look as new. Why not try them.
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