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DIY Personalized Door Mats and No Sew Door Latch Cover

Author: John Smith
by John Smith
Posted: Oct 15, 2018
door mats

DIY Personalized Door Mats

Out of all ideas about the great way to jazz up your front porch? DIY Door mats are the quick and the best solution you can try at home. With the blank mats and the few supplies, you can easily do this project. I am here to make you the home designer. I am going to share my personal project procedures.

DIY Door Mats For Summer

Required Supplies:

  1. Blank Door Mat
  2. Black Paint
  3. Contact Paper
  4. X-Acto Knife
  5. Sharpie
  6. Foam Brush
  7. door mats

For the project decide the font, you will print on the mats. It would be any welcome or goodbye font. For my project, I have made the WELCOME font. Don't pick the complicated font. Pick the simple font that you could cut down easily with the X-Acto Knife. Then tape the printed message on the top of the contact paper. Using the knife cut the way through. Now you create your own customize stencil.

In the next step separate the contact paper and the place it on the top of te mat. Make sure that it is straight in line. Secure the stencil with the pins. Put the pin tightly for the smooth paint.

For the painting gently press the brush into the bristles of the mat. Carefully rub the brush on the mats. Don't rub the brush too fast you may move the stencil. Brush it carefully and slowly.

About the color; you can select any color you want. If you have a light color mat, then choose the bright color for the fonts. After coloring the mats remove the stencil pins from it. Then remove the stencil carefully. Let the mat dry a little long before using it.

This is simple steps can make you a good mats which can welcome the guests firmly. Try it on the weekend, best of luck.

DIY Nursery Door Latch Cover

Babies can be light sleepers. The worst scenario, if the newborn baby wakes up after put them on the sleep. You need to take every necessary step to prevent your child wakes up suddenly. The door latch covers are easy to made, and they allow you to close the nursery door without waking up. Making the own nursery door latch is an easy process, and you can shut the door without waking the baby up. This is also safe from the accidently locking the door from inside.


The required materials are very easy to get and need few minutes.

Required materials:

  1. fun printed cotton
  2. 2 hair elastics
  3. sewing machine
  4. scissors, pins, thread, etc.

Take the fabric and set it on the table. You need to make them rectangle. Put the printed side up. Then place the one elastic on the right side and the left side of the fabrics.

Put the other rectangle fabrics top of it. Make a sandwich like this. Pin the fabrics including the elastic as well. Then sew them all around the edges. For my project, sew them 1/4 inches seam. Sew them over the elastic to make sure that they are secure.

Clip the corners and turn the match cover right side out. Then stitch the all way around with the 1/8 inches seam measurement.

Before cutting the rectangle shape choose what print you need to chow on the top surface. After making the latch cover. Just put the elastic on the both side of the knob, and the body will cover the latches in the middle.

It is simple and fun. You can gift the homemade latch in your friends baby shower. In the weekend you can make it within an hour top. So try it and have fun with it.

About the Author

Hello, I am trying to develop myself as a creative writer day by day. I am presenting some easy Diy projects for the weekend. If you have any suggestion or question, then please ask freely.

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