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Best ways to sell a car in Brisbane while you're living overseas

Author: Glen Hunter
by Glen Hunter
Posted: Jun 06, 2017
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Selling a car be difficult, while you are living overseas. As most of the people are interested in viewing the vehicle and take it for a test drive. If you are away from home while your vehicle is in Brisbane, you have to put in some good efforts and work creatively to sell your car.

Here are some of the best ways to sell your vehicle in Brisbane easily, while you are living abroad.

Get help from family members

You can get help from a family member to sell the car while you are away from your house. As they would have the keys to the automobile and the ability to schedule a meeting with the potential buyers. Before you leave the country make sure to sign the title, so the documentation can be completed easily, when your family member finds a right buyer for your automobile. In some cases, potential buyers want to talk to the previous owner of the automobile. In such cases, you could schedule a meeting with the buyer on Skype to discuss any related queries in detail.

Hire the services of a car broker

If you don't have any close family friend that can sell your car on your behalf, you can better contract with a good vehicle broker. A car broker will be able to sell your vehicle without letting you put any additional efforts. However, employing the services of a broker will cost you some money. After all, they put a lot of work to sell your automobile, advertise it and schedule appointments and test drives for the potential buyers.

Take your car to a dealer

Before you leave the country, you can also consider taking your vehicle to a dealer. Although you may lose some with a dealer sale as compared to a private sale, but you will still get adequate money in your pocket to buy an automobile in your new location. However, a great benefit of considering this option is that you will be able to sell your car quickly before you begin travelling abroad.

Purchasing a vehicle in your New Location

When you start living overseas, purchasing a new vehicle become an important demand before you will commute to home, work and shopping. However, public transportation can be used to travel to some areas of the world, but in other areas, you will need your personal automobile.

Research your rights

Determining the average price of the vehicle and understanding your rights as a consumer is an important thing. In some European areas, there are protections for consumers while in other countries consumers have no protection. So, before you make a purchase, ensure to research about your rights.


In many countries, extreme taxes are charged and most of the auto dealers are always on a look out to charge more to the customers by insisting on financial services and loans. You will need to get details of loans in that part of the country and determine how to get the auto dealer to accept cash.

Insurance and License

In nearly all the countries it is important to have insurance on your vehicle, before you drive it on the road. However, the legal requirements may vary for each country. Therefore, make sure to research all the legal requirements required in your new country.

However, there are some areas which don’t require a new license, so you will need to find out for how long you can drive on your current license.

You should choose a good option like cash for cars Brisbane to sell your vehicle for the best cash. Before you move overseas. Generally, a private sale will get you some good cash as opposed to selling it to a dealer, but it can create a lot of problems. The money will be sufficient enough to buy a new automobile in a new country.
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