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Hawaii Beach Homes: Adopting the Nomadic Trend in an Oceanfront Home

Author: Leo Aranas
by Leo Aranas
Posted: Jun 07, 2017
nomadic motif

Hawaiians are of course famous for having a great sense of adventure, which is why Hawaii beach homesare the perfect canvas for this amazing trend in interior design: The nomadic motif.

But first, let’s talk about what it means.To be nomadic means to be a wanderer – never getting settled in a place somehow. The word easily evokes such words as travel, exploration, experiences, and discoveries, words that would be very much at home in the Hawaiian vocabulary. And in a nomadic motif, we see an ensemble of items brought from travels – items that are artistic, reflecting cultural traditions, and using local materials.

So what are some ideas for a nomadic-themed home? Wooden cabinetry made of local hardwood, and using traditional techniques. A sculpture that tells stories about tribal myths. A watercolor painting about a tourist destination. Rugs, throw, or tapestries that feature an ethnic print or weave. Antique vases that carry hundred year old ceramic waremaking traditions. Or even a simple wallpaper whose print inspires one to travel.

Some interior designers have come up with possible reasons for its growing popularity these days: A demand for an escape, amid an increasingly hectic lifestyle in the cities; an increased thirst for travel to other countries as encouraged on social media (Facebook and Instagram, especially); and the faster, more convenient, and more affordable ways people can now go and stay in different places.

Too, there is a growing social, environmental, and ethical consciousness around the world, spurred by the alarm over the worsening global environmental situation, as well as the widening gap between the rich and the poor. The nomadic trend is also big on things handmade, where the makers are paid well for their effort, unlike in say, sweatshops where workers are treated like slaves.

Accents that bear the nomadic stamp are supposed to showcase the craftsmanship and cultural practices of their origins, and support the local economy. Moreover, there is emphasis on using organic and more sustainable materials – the raw materials are from the communities where the items are being sold, and so contribute far less to the carbon footprint. And unlike in mass production, there is generally a smaller amount of items being created vis a vis the demand.

To learn more about exceptional Hawaii beach homes for sale, especially those that perfectly exude the nomadic vibe, get in touch with Big Island real estate broker Harold Clarke.

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Author: Leo Aranas

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