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Is Cloud CDN The Right Choice For You?

Author: Anshika Bhardwaj
by Anshika Bhardwaj
Posted: Jun 13, 2017
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CDNs or content delivery networks are proxy servers that are employed in several data centers. The primary purpose of them is to deliver content such as text, scripts, graphics, media files, videos, and audios of websites to end users with fast speed and high accessibility. We don’t know this, but on a daily basis, we interact with CDNs when we read articles on the news sites or do online shopping. Any website that caters to a huge traffic needs the services of a cloud CDN to offer its visitors a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience.

How Does A CDN Work?

A CDN stores a cached version of the content of a website in several geographical locations known as points of presence (PoPs) to reduce the distance between the visitor and the server of that website. This means that a CDN puts content at several places and deliver them from the nearest PoP to the end user. This delivery is much quicker.

Who Should Choose A CDN?

A CDN is a valuable investment for any website. If you are a business that has its website visitors located at several countries or multiple continents, then you need CDN services. Also, if your website contains lots of content, CDNs are the ideal choice to satisfy the needs of your visitors.

Advantages of A CDN

The biggest advantage of a CDN is that your users enjoy a fast browsing experience with a very less loading time of a website.

Since in a CDN, there are several globally distributed servers, so the users don’t have to face any latency issue. If there is ever a problem with any of the server, all of its workload is shifted to some other server.

When you opt for the services of a cloud CDN hosting, expect a huge improvement in the response times of your website for global users. CDNs keep the cached copies of a website on distant servers to ensure that all the requests are met to offer a better and faster web browsing experience to end users.

Website security is important for all businesses. Thus, a good CDN implements security measures to block any threat to your website or take care of DDoS attacks or any other form of malicious behavior.

Businesses opting for the services of a cloud CDN should expect an improvement in their SEO rankings. Because Google upgrades the rankings of those websites that offer its visitors a high page loading speed.

Since it is the CDN server that delivers your media and theme files, you save a lot of bandwidth on your main server.

By effectively using content delivery networks from a cloud hosting provider businesses can experience a huge success in their web operations.

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