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10 Steps to Launching Your Fashion Line

Author: Kevin Smith
by Kevin Smith
Posted: Jun 14, 2017

If you are a new fashion designer, you likely know the odds of success in your chosen industry. Every day, more designers fail than succeed. These odds don’t mean you should give up on your passion. Instead, you should do what you can to find the right garment producer in New York and to launch your fashion line. Here are 10 steps for getting your clothing line made.

1. Find Your Design Voice

Before you launch your fashion design, you need to decide who you are as a designer. While you probably dream of having a complete line of clothing, accessories, fragrances, and other items, starting huge is probably not realistic. As such, try to pick one product with which you can demonstrate your design aesthetic. Then, work on that single article until it speaks with your design voice.

2. Consider Your Sales Price

After you have developed a prototype piece, consider your price point. Even though you might want to sell your garment for a high price, that might not be feasible for a new designer. Rather, consider opting for a medium-range sales price to appeal to a large segment of customers.

3. Decide on Manufacturing Location

Before you can choose a clothing manufacturer, you need to decide where you want your garment made. If you want your line produced in the United States, a garment producer in New York is probably your best bet.

4. Research Custom Clothing Manufacturers

To find a garment producer, you probably need to do more than rely on a search engine. Instead, ask others in the industry for information about clothing makers. Often, fabric suppliers have insider information on which custom clothing manufacturers offer the best services.

5. Talk to Potential Garment Producers

When you have compiled a list of potential clothing manufacturers, you can begin conducting interviews. Ask each company if it is accepting new clients. Then, be sure each has the capacity to tackle your project. Finally, make sure all manufacturers can control costs, create quality garments, and provide any additional services you need.

6. Submit Your Design Drawings

Once you have chosen a garment producer, you need the company to create some samples of your clothing. Submit drawings, fabrics, and technical sheets. Then, be sure to review all samples for quality and design.

7. Negotiate a Production Contract

When you are ready to mass-produce your fashion line, you need to negotiate a production contract. Think about terms like production times, overall cost, and delivery methods. If you aren’t comfortable with contractual language, consider enlisting the services of a good transactional attorney.

8. Examine the Finished Product

Even though you previously reviewed a sample, you should make sure you examine a random sample of the finished product. Ensure each piece is high quality before proceeding with the contract.

9. Find a Buyer

After you have a product, you are ready to get your designs into stores. This is often the most difficult part of the process, and there is no easy way to do it. Instead, you likely must meet with merchandise buyers to sell your collection.

10. Celebrate

After you get your line into stores, you can celebrate. Then, it is time to go back to the workroom and start developing your next garment.

By understanding how to get your clothing line made, you can better beat the odds and succeed in the fashion industry. By collaborating with the right garment producer in New York, you can likely launch a fashion line that makes you proud.

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