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Aside from Uncontested Divorce in Daphne, AL, Here Are Other Ways a Family Law Attorney Can Help

Author: Kevin Smith
by Kevin Smith
Posted: Jun 15, 2017
If you and your spouse have decided to separate, uncontested divorce in Daphne, AL, is the best way to go. If you are already separated, you might have cause for legal concerns of another matter. Either way, when it comes to your family, even your broken family, you must keep your children’s best interests at heart. A divorce is never easy, but it can be manageable and open the door to a better life for you and your kids. Enlist legal guidance for the following family law issues.


Perhaps you are a stepparent or grandparent looking to adopt a child. In the case of a stepparent, it’s possible the child’s biological mother or father will contest the adoption; in the case of a grandparent, you might be seeking legal custody for unfortunate reasons, such as an incompetent mother or father. Either way, the adoption process goes more smoothly with the help of family law attorneys.

Child Custody

The needs of a child custody agreement change over time. What worked five years ago for each parent might not work now. Even if you filed for an uncontested divorce in Daphne, AL, it might be time to dispute your current agreement, request an alternative agreement, make adjustments to the visitation rights of each parent, or establish new custody because you wish to move out of state.

Child Support

The same holds true for child support. Finances change, and many parents find they need to make modifications to their current agreement. If you have experienced a financial setback, you have the right to ask that the court review your support arrangements. You may also wish to modify the agreement because your finances have improved and you wish to extend more support to your kids.

Contested Divorce

If you and your spouse have every intention of getting ugly during the divorce process, you will file for a contested divorce and definitely require the services of professional legal help. When things get nasty, the attorneys are often the only ones who can sort them out. They are an unemotional third party, and they can look through the anger and pain to hammer out an agreement in everyone’s best interest.

Paternity Defense or Establishment

Perhaps your paternity rights have been called into question, which is so hurtful. Family law attorneys are versed in establishing your paternity and, thereby, your rights. If you are the mother trying to determine paternity, enlist the guidance of qualified counsel to help you get the support to which your children are entitled from their biological father.

Prenuptial Agreements

All of the above can be avoided if you and your future spouse enter into a prenuptial agreement prior to saying, "I do." Many people consider this a sign that a couple does not have faith in their love for each other, but nothing could be further from the truth. A prenuptial agreement protects both husband and wife should something happen to the marriage.

These are other ways family law attorneys can help you with legal proceedings aside from an

uncontested divorce in Daphne, AL Seek the counsel you need today.

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