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Hazardous Area jet Fan – Tank Ventilation Jet Fan is Used to Keep the Space Safe!

Author: Mark Pingler
by Mark Pingler
Posted: Jun 16, 2017

Whether you are looking for the hazardous area jet fan or the tank ventilation jet fan, the very first thing that you need to understand why these are called as the jet fans and how these fans work? Well, there is a very interesting principle on the basis of which these jet fans use to work. There are four blades assigned for a hazardous area jet fan which are also the vane-axial fans. These fans are exactly called as the jet fans. These fans can eject compressed air with high velocity with the help of their trailing edge. Due to this reason, such fans start to move in a forward direction. This arrangement is what you can see in the jet plane.

There are many places where such jet fans can be used. Tank ventilation jet fan as the name suggests can be assigned for the specified work. Well, these are the high powered air drive fans. And compressed air is what they need to operate. Due to this reason, hazardous area jet fan has become a great choice at those industries where they have always looked forward to deal with emergency situations like smoke and fire. At these places installation of hazardous area jet fan can really enhance the safety measures for the workers while keeping that place safe on a long run.

Basements, car parks, industrial areas and there are other places where the chances for smoke and fumes cannot be avoided. Well, the contractors and building owners may take several preventive measures to avoid such a situation. But when this occurs, the smoke or fumes need to be ventilated in a natural way. If there is no such provision, then mechanical help like installation of hazardous area jet fan can work in a great manner. The same sort of work is also performed by the tank ventilation jet fan. Here, the jet fan uses to ventilate the steam or the fumes that is coming out of the tank. Well, this type of arrangement also controls the tank’s temperature while keeping that place safe on a long run.

So, how the hazardous area jet fan works?

These jet fans are designed to ventilate tunnels, car parks and basements. Such fans can propel air with a high velocity through the small jet. This helps the surrounding air to become entrained. This ultimately helps in confining the heavy amount of gas that is created at the space. The hazardous area jet fan has arrived as a proper alternative to ductwork that was common in the past at the car parks.

Such fan is helpful in terms of driving the hazardous gas, smoke or fumes towards an extract fan and this keeps the whole space free of pollution. Using this type of jet fan can clear the smoke as well as keep the pollution at a safe level. The Tank Ventilation Jet Fan coming to the market now is equipped with higher thrust. The designers have also added such design for the jet fan that it can be mounted at such a place from where it can ensure an even air distribution.
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