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Posted: Jun 19, 2017
Vectra Advanced Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a venture of the Vectra Group which is manufacturing construction equipment. Vectra Advanced Engineering is the manufacturers of the world-famous Vectra Heman which is a well-known skid steer equipment for the construction needs. Whether it is a small real estate development company or giants of the construction industry, Vectra Heman has made its special place in their hearts because it is easy to move around, takes up less space in operation and is easily manoeuvred. There are 2 models of Vectra Heman 175 in the market, one is manual the second one is servo. Both of these have been a huge success as their features are based on the latest technology in the market, making Vectra the frontrunner among earth moving equipment manufacturers in India & Europe.

Vectra is currently operating in India and Europe, producing heavy equipment for the high-scale projects that need earth moving and other tasks involving heavy machinery. Among various heavy construction equipment manufacturing companies in India-Europe, Vectra has made its special place as a leading Skid steer loader manufacturers in India & Europe because of its specialization and dedication in perfecting and presenting products of its field, i.e., construction equipment. The variety of existing products include boom and articulating type of cranes, and come in various load capacities. Trailers and transit concrete mixers are also manufactured by Vectra Advanced Engineering Pvt. Ltd. The latest and the most famous in this series of construction equipment is the skid-steer loader called Vectra Heman 175, which, with its attachments, trumps all the other of its kind in the market. Vectra Heman 175 can be used with its as many as 50 attachments like, backhoe, bucket, earth auger, grapple, sweeper, pallet fork and ripper tooth, making it a one man army. For its sleek and comfortable design, it has become popular in Indian market and is also being used for the implementation of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

Vectra Advanced Engineering is the manufacturers of latest, cutting-edge construction equipment which is not just appreciated in India, but also in foreign countries. There are only a handful of companies that manufacture the heavy equipment for construction and Vectra has presented this opportunity for the builders to avail the equipment of the 21st century which incorporate the latest technology and are strong, stable and easy to use. This has led to the sustainable increase in the demand of the products in the market, leading to the progress and expansion.

With its Head Office at Bangalore and Regional Offices at Mumbai and Delhi, the company is progressively expanding in India. Moreover, it is also expanding its horizon to cover Europe, where it currently exports its products. With its new offices or investments in Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Georgia, France & Singapore, Vectra is now being counted among leading heavy construction equipment manufacturers in India & Europe. With the European market coming together with Indian market, Vectra Advanced Engineering is looking at solid sales figures and thus, rooting its feet in the global market of construction heavy equipment manufacture.

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Vectra one of the leading heavy equipment manufacturing companies in India and the top construction equipment & excavator attachment manufacturers in India and Europe. Vectra presents Vectra Heman a skid steer loader for all type construction sites.

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