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Water Marbling on Nails – The Amazing Nail Art for Beginners

Author: Austin Ames
by Austin Ames
Posted: May 04, 2012

Nail design example - Photo by: [url=]borispumps[/url] on Flickr.Water marbling on nails is a unique form of nail art that helps beginners to get the amazing nails without much struggle. Even though is it a bit trickier and technical nail art, it brings you an incredible appeal and make others wonder at you. However, it can be mastered by anyone who has the passion towards nail art and wants to make a unique fashion statement with poised nails. Practice makes it perfect and after trying two or three sessions, you can just transform the appearance of the nails, from simple, unappealing to unique and gorgeous.

Let us see the things you need to create the water marbling on nails.

  • A shallow cup or a glass bowl, water in the room temperature, orange stick or even some toothpick, cotton balls, nail polish and polish remover.
  • After gathering these things, follow the below mentioned steps to get this amazing nail art.
  • Pour the water in the shallow bowl. Ensure that the bowl is adequate enough to dip your entire hands into it.
  • Apply the base nail polish coat, preferably white on the nails and make it dry.
  • Choose the nail polish colors and drop them into the bowl of water with the brush. Once your drop, you can find that the nail polish gradually spreads in the water. Follow the similar procedure for any number of colours you want to boast on your nails, for instance, black and white, pink and red white and green, or other cool colors.
  • After dropping the nail polish, use the toothpick or orange stick to drag on the polish. Dragging in different movements i.e. straight, cross, circle gives you different designs, from which you can choose the desired one.
  • Dip your finger into the bowl and remove it after a few seconds. Allow it to dry and brush off the nail polish from the other parts with nail polish remover.
  • Follow the same procedure for all nails and you are done with water marbling.

If you are beginner to the nail art, looking forward to learning some DIY nail art forms, water marbling is the right choice. It is inexpensive, does not call for any nail art accessories and tools, no need for any professional assistance or requirement to visit a salon. It also helps you to get the nails crafted with exclusive designs in very short time.

With the coolest and versatile nail art, you can make your creativity flow on the nails with some random designs.

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