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Your Foundation Is Your Home’s Cornerstone

Author: Triton Foundationrepair
by Triton Foundationrepair
Posted: Jun 21, 2017

It goes without saying that your home or commercial building may need some upgrades or repairs throughout its lifetime. And foundation repairs should be at the top of your list. The foundation keeps your house from sinking into the ground, but it also protects your house from insects, moisture and extreme temperatures. There is nothing more important than making sure your pier and beam foundation in Oklahoma is stable, but first, we should have a clear understanding of what a pier and beam foundation is.

What Is a Pier and Beam Foundation?

A pier and beam foundation supports a house, and keeps it from sitting directly on the ground. These piers, or posts, can be made of wood, concrete or steel. Pier foundations can be tubes filled with concrete, which are placed in holes in the ground. More detailed foundations, which hold more weight, are buried farther into the ground. Issues like moisture and insects are less of a problem with these types of foundations.

Often, home improvements that are worth money cost money – whether it’s repairs, upgrades or additions. Pier and beam foundation repair costs can vary, so it’s important to find out what you need first before you take that next step of considering cost.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Costs and You

When it comes to foundations, whether steel, pier and beam or concrete, cost is a factor. It may be that one type is affordable for you, but is not advantageous for your specific needs. Knowing as much as you can about each type of foundation will help you make the best decision when it comes to repair costs.

There are different types of foundation repair: steel piers, concrete piers and pier and beam. Steel piers can reach as far as 30 feet underground. In essence, your house is on a rock. With concrete piers, and the depth with which they are placed into the ground, more emphasis is placed on how the pilings are laid against the structure. They are also high-strength, and able to withstand a lot of weight.

Regardless, the number of supports needed for a home can vary greatly. Generally speaking, up to about 40 supports could be required for a home. But usually, when it comes to a pier and beam foundation in Oklahoma, for example, only about 20 supports are needed, although more could be required for larger houses. Once you know how much and what type of foundation repair you need, you can take the next step.

Great News on Warranty Transfer Fees!

It’s important to consider pier and beam foundation repair cost. That’s when considering which foundation repair company is right for you is most important. Regarding pier and beam foundations in Oklahoma and cost, warranties usually pop up. If you choose Triton Foundation Repair for concrete or steel piers repairs, you may not pay any fees on transferred warranties. The business can also evaluate your foundation without making you feel obligated to use their services. For more information about our services, please visit our site at

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