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5 Reasons you must have Air Purifiers in Delhi

Author: Yashi Ganguly
by Yashi Ganguly
Posted: Jun 26, 2017
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Delhi is a beautiful city with a lot of heritage buildings and greenery all around but there is a dark side to Delhi as well. If you live in Delhi you know it already. The air quality in Delhi is not bad. It is very very bad. You can tell that you have reached Delhi if your eyes start burning, your throat get sore and you feel exhausted. Every year thousands of people are diagnosed with asthma and other lung diseases yet there is nothing anybody can do about it. Delhi has earned the dubious distinction of being one of the most polluted cities in the world, second only to Beijing.

In summer when the air is thin it is still bearable but as winter sets in the month of November, the air gets thicker and settles down. The smoke and dust that make the smog blanket covers the city. Indeed the air quality in those days goes many times over the permissible limits.

There are many reasons for the pollution in Delhi but only one reason for you to keep the air you breathe clean and that is your health. Indeed if you want to survive Delhi you would have to make sure that you do something about the air quality in your vicinity. To begin with, you could take a few steps that would help clean the air in your house and indeed your neighborhood. Plant a few trees, keep some planters in your house, and do not let people smoke in open spaces and so on. But that may not be enough as Delhi has crossed the line when it comes to clean air; the small measures do not add up.

You need a lasting solution to your problem else you run the risk of contracting diseases which are floating in the air. I therefore strongly recommend you to buy a decent air purifier that would not only make your surroundings breathable but also make others aware of the need to have clean air.

1. Buy air purifier if you live in Delhi before Diwali season. The air quality during Diwali is worse in Delhi. The millions of crackers that explode in the air give a breathtaking view but they also make you breathless. Indeed the cases of lung related diseases multiply manifold during Diwali.

2.It would be a good idea to buy air purifier if you are working from home as the air quality in Delhi has deteriorated to the level that even the indoor air has become contaminated to great extent.

  1. An air purifier is almost mandatory in the city if you happen to be here in the winter season. The smoke rising from the fields of Haryana and Punjab settles down in Delhi making it worse. Indeed buying a Laser Egg, a device that monitors the air quality would be a good idea so that you can calibrate your response.
  2. In summers the dust and PM2.5 pollutants are in the air which is due to hot and dry conditions and make the air potentially hazardous.
  3. Last but not least get yourself an air purifier just because you are in Delhi and live by the roadside. Delhi has highest numbers of cars and not all of them run on clean fuel. The smoke in the air gradually sneaks into your home without you ever knowing about it.
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