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Protein Rich Food Helps In Burning Fat Faster

Author: Blissful Wellness
by Blissful Wellness
Posted: Feb 23, 2014

Starting your day with a diet full of protein is very important if you are looking to lose weight in a healthy way. The word ‘protein’ is derived from the Greek word ‘protos’ which means ‘of prime importance’. It is one of the main building blocks for the human body. If we are to compare our body with a building then we can say that protein is the raw material that is used to build it in a healthy manner. One of the most important strategies for weight loss is to have protein at breakfast.

It is very important to know more about protein and its’ importance in losing weight and how it helps to maintain metabolic rate. Similar to fats and carbohydrates, proteins are also composed of oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. The presence of nitrogen in proteins is the main factor that differentiates it from the other two macro-nutrients. Proteins act as an important nutrient that helps one to lose weight and thus helps one to burn fat from his/her waistline and build lean muscle tissue.

One must know and understand the importance of eating high protein at breakfast if he/she wishes to lose weight without going on a crash diet or starving. You should have a protein rich breakfast because proteins take more time to metabolize, or to turn into energy, and this means that our body uses more calories during the process of digestion. Intake of protein rich food at breakfast will also help us to stabilize our appetite throughout the day.

Proteins are a group of nitrogenous compounds with high molecular weight, which are essential for all living organisms. They are made of 22 biological compounds known as amino acids, which provide the raw materials for building the basic cell structure of the brain, blood, heart, hair, nails, skin and other various internal organs. Protein rich food includes fish, meat, red meats, soy, egg, milk etc. It has been proven that the intake of protein produces only a small amount of insulin while it produces a large amount of glucagon, a hormone that helps the body to get rid of fat by burning it for energy. This also helps the body to decrease the production of cholesterol and stimulate the kidneys to shed the extra fluid and salt as well. It plays a crucial role in maintaining your blood sugar level by counteracting the effect of insulin.

Protein is important in our diet and is also necessary for inch or fat loss. Here are some of the reasons why we must include protein in our diet:

  • It helps in boosting our metabolism
and thus helps in faster fat burning.
  • It keeps you feel full for a longer time, so it helps you to avoid snacking on sugary treats.
Proteins hold on to your lean muscle. Once you lose lean muscle tissue, you metabolism slows down and you start to gain weight again.

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