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What are the Key Features & Benefits of Desert Coolers?

Author: Nanshi Pacheco
by Nanshi Pacheco
Posted: Jun 28, 2017

There are two main types of air coolers. The desert cooler is widely used for the numerous benefits and features it has. As desert cooler price become more affordable, there are more reasons to choose them.

Summers can be tormenting without the right cooling system. You will need the right coolers to both reduce temperatures and create comfortable environments. Today, you can find all types of air coolers online whether you want to use them in your home or office. There are two main types of coolers – the room air coolers and desert coolers. When it comes to choosing the right cooler, you need to consider much more than the personal or desert cooler price.

This guide explains the key features and benefits of desert coolers.

Desert CoolersDesert coolers work on the basic principle of evaporative cooling. It helps in reducing the temperature and increasing the humidity in a room or a house. As their name suggests, these coolers are ideally suited for areas with desert-like conditions, where the temperatures are high and the air is dry. It involves blowing air over a wet surface which is constantly kept wet to achieve the desired cooling effects. When it comes to desert cooler price, you can expect to spend a little more, but their key features can include the following:
  • Such coolers are economical to use and offer high level of effectiveness in hot and dry conditions
  • You can use them to cool rooms of all sizes, even large halls or big offices.
  • Desert coolers have larger tank capacities. This means you will spend lesser time filling the tank with water. You can fill the tank and it will last you throughout the night.
  • When you want to buy cooler online India for a large room or for your house, it is recommended to choose these coolers for their large fans. They also feature larger motors.
Window Coolers

Desert coolers are typically window coolers, as most of them are designed to be installed on the windows. Evaporative window coolers are designed to be more efficient than air conditioners. They also have lower maintenance costs. Some of the key features and benefits of these air coolers are as following:

  • Available in different models with different cooling capacities.
  • Water connection to allow continuous use.
  • Modern window cooler price is more affordable.
  • Reputed brands offer window coolers designed for quiet operation.
  • Choose from elegant designs and color options to suit your home décor.
  • Reliable construction for preventing leaks or corrosion.

The new large desert coolers are designed for convenience and reliable operation. They feature large water tanks that can large for several hours without the need for a refill. Some coolers allow you to maintain continuous water connection so that they can keep working continuously without the need for a refill from time to time.

So these are the different types of coolers that you will find when you want to buy cooler online India. Consider all the key features and benefits when making the right choice. Since so many models are available, you will always be able to find a unit that perfectly fits into your needs and budget.

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