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Enhance the Ambiance of Your Living Room with Layers of Lighting

Author: Luxe Collections
by Luxe Collections
Posted: Jun 29, 2017
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In general, house owners spend lots of time choosing a sofa or paint colour for their living room, but they often forget about the importance of proper lighting. In a space where you watch TV, read books and entertain guests, lighting serves a main purpose in both the function and look of the space. Lightings in a home changes the mood of a room and they work in combination with colour selections, room size, availability of natural light and furniture. These elements are properly highlighted only when the right lighting is achieved, and they all together can transform a room into a seamless combination of style and functionality.

A good living room lighting scheme depends on different kinds of designer lights Perth, set at different levels that will turn the space into a warm and attractive place. There are many options available starting from integrated architectural lights to decorative lamps, which will allow you to control the level of lighting in order to suit the activities that will take place within the room. However, the commonly used fixtures associated with a particular layer of lighting are- ambient, task and accent, as they are most versatile enough to be used in a number of ways.

Here, in this article, these common types of lighting fixtures and their usage are discussed that will help you to set them appropriately in your living room and enhance its ambiance.


Ambient lights, also known as general lightings provide overall illumination for a room and are intended to create a uniform light level throughout a space. Ceiling lights, stylish chandeliers or wall-mounted light fixtures can provide the ambiance that can cast a warm glow in your living room. These fixtures not only control glare, but also provide the general illumination that will make the space comfortable and inviting.


Targeted for a particular area of a room, task lightings are intended to illuminate for a specific function. Some of the areas of the living room that require tasking lights are seating areas where gathering and reading usually takes place. For instance: when you want to read a book, good task lights will help you to get works done better. These brighter lights can be a floor lamp or a directed light source over a desk.


Accent lighting fixtures draw attention to a particular object, such as artwork, sculpture, plants and so on. Recessed or adjustable lights are used to focus the point of interest and highlight selected objects. Apart from that, low-level table lamps also help to create a comfy atmosphere in the living room.

Therefore, when it comes to a living room, the single most important concept in creating a good ambiance depends on an array of different layers of lightings. Cool lights Perth can transform the entire atmosphere of the living room, as these fixtures can positively maintain the balance between personality and the functionality of the space.

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