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Challenges of Online Freelance Academic Writing Jobs In India

Author: Mac Larry
by Mac Larry
Posted: Jul 07, 2017
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Internet is flooded with thousands of freelance academic writing jobs online. Interestingly, a recent survey reveals that many people in India are quitting their nine to five jobs for beginning their career as a freelance academic writer. The most probable reasons are freelance writing jobs offer handsome pay and a freelancer has the liberty to work from his/her home according to his/her convenience. But every job comes with its own perks and challenges. This article discusses all the challenges of freelance academic writing jobs. How to overcome those challenges is also suggested over here.

Challenge.1 – Dealing with clients;

First challenge of online academic writing jobs is to deal with the clients. Every client is not same. Some clients have a never ending list of requirements whereas many have the intention to get their work done by the freelancers at free of cost. Even many clients are there who always ask writers to do rework. Many clients try to attract the freelance writers by using the phrases like "bulk of work but low payment" or "work throughout the year". Most beginners fail to understand these tricks of the clients and get exploited.


It is required to be strict while dealing with the clients. There is no need to say "yes" to the clients always. Every freelance writer should learn to deal with the clients diplomatically. They should clarify everything before taking any project. It is also necessary to learn to negotiate with the clients. Those who are looking for jobs for writers in India must join online job portals rather than finding clients.

Challenge.2 – Irregular payments

Another challenge that many academic freelance writers face is they do not get payment on time. This is a major issue. All the aspiring freelance academic writers should prepare themselves mentally for facing this challenge. Majority of the clients do not clear the due payments of the writers on time.


Freelancers should verify whether the client makes the payment on time before taking a project. It is better to find online freelance academic writing jobs through portals. Most job portals ensure on-time payment.

Challenge.3 - Deadlines;

It’s a myth that freelance academic writers have the freedom to set their working hours on their own. Many writing projects are there that need to be submitted within a very short deadline. Deadlines are a major challenge of academic writing jobs. Every beginner should be aware of this fact.


Every academic writer should assess whether he/she is capable of completing the task within the given deadline before taking up a project. If a writer fails to complete a project on time, it will create a negative impact on the client.

Challenge.4 – Rejections;

The life of a freelance academic writer is not very easy. Every beginner has to face rejections initially. This is another most common challenge that every academic writer face.


Those who want to see themselves as a successful freelance writer should be mentally prepared to face rejections. They should not lose hope. They must motivate themselves and keep trying.

Challenge.5 – Procrastination;

A freelance writer is his/her own boss. There is nobody to control hi/her. It is good. It has negative effects too. It leads to procrastination. Procrastination is a killer. This is major challenge that almost every freelance writer face.


Those who want to become a successful freelance academic writer should be very strict when it comes to completing a project. They should divide the task into small chunks and set deadline for each. They should keep motivating themselves to accomplish the task before the deadline.

Challenge.6 – Tediousness;

Freelancing may seem to be an interesting career option. But working alone can be boring at times. Many freelance academic writers complain about this issue.


The only way to overcome this challenge is to take interesting projects. Those who do not have passion for writing should not take up this career option.

Hope this article will help many! Beginners can also take suggestions from established academic writers.


Academic writing industry is flourishing. Many aspire to become freelance academic writers. But online freelance writing jobs have their own perk and challenges. All those challenges are discussed over here.

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Sabbir Alam, an academic writer, has been associated with leading platform for online writing jobs. He is a doctorate degree holder. He has over 5 years of experience in academic writing.

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Mac larry, an established academic paper writer, has been associated with for last one year. He has written several academic papers for us. We offer thousands of online academic writing jobs.

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